Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I think about my family very often.

Red font is extra tidbits of info from Adrienne's parents. 

This letter must have come in the mail on Friday or Saturday but I guess nobody went to the mailbox until Monday afternoon.  Hopefully we can get our days sorted out and I will know when to be expecting letters, emails etc.  We were very saddened when we realized she had tried to call us from the airport on Monday morning (Sept 9) but our phones were on silent. My heart sank when I listened to a voicemail from an unfamiliar number and heard Adrienne's voice saying, "Mom, you probably weren't expecting a call from me but we are here at the airport and getting ready to board the plane in about 30 minutes.  I am doing very well and love my family so much."  
I was also a little late getting the voicemail so by the time I listened to it she had already boarded her flight. I had to fight back the tears and disappointment but it was awesome to at least hear her voice and she truly sounded happy to be going to Spokane!  I will take that little tender mercy!

I think about my family very often and I am praying for you guys daily but I am not feeling homesick and that is such a blessing.  Yesterday we went to a devotional, the speakers were Elder and Sister Evans of the Seventy.  One of my favorite parts was when Elder Evans said there will be days where I will feel the Lord laboring with me, I will feel that He is very near and is sending me divine help & strength.  Another statement that hit me hard was when Sister Evans referred to Elder Holland's recent talk on faith and said that we have more faith than we think we do and that I need to be more trusting & confident in the Lord because He is there.  It is so easy at times to feel like I am inadequate and that my faith is weak.  There are several moments when I feel like my feeling the Spirit is lacking.  Sister Evans also said that I need to hold on to the faith that I do have!  Hold on to the experiences I have had is the past and the things that I know to be true.  As I am striving to do what is right and be obedient, my faith will increase.  The Lord will strengthen me.  I feel like I am growing so quickly here at the MTC.  The Lord seems to immediately address every worry that I have had or any questions of mine whether it is through personal study, teaching an investigator, word and thoughts shared at firesides & devotionals, inspired teachers of mine, or my friends.  I feel so blessed and so happy.  I am looking forward to going to Spokane this upcoming Monday.  I want to see what it feels like to be serving the Lord and his children all day.  I am sure it's not easy but definitely worth it. 
I love you so much! 

Love, Adrienne

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