Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015


Post Falls is sunny as ever and our investigators are doing well. Everyone is asking me lately when I go home from my mission and when I tell them, it doesn't even feel real. It hasn't really hit me yet but I'm starting to feel some butterflies. Good butterflies! I'm excited for the future but it's also a pretty difficult pill to swallow when I think about how I will never have an opportunity like this again really. But I know the Lord will continue to bless me with opportunities to share the gospel and to teach others and share my testimony with them. We have been doing a lot of thrift store shopping lately, Sister Ellis has the cutest style and it all comes from thrift stores! I am always so surprised when she shares her latest finds.. how on earth do you find clothes like that at a thrift store? I am trying to be thrifty like her and find cute things but all I find is awesome jewelry and odds and ends like a practically brand new Shania Twain cd, which I bought by the way. I am going to listen to it the second I get home. Serving in country towns, having a companion from the country, talking country...I'm converted to everything country.. living in the country, listening to country... some of it at least, acting country haha jk but it will be good. These next two weeks are going to be amazing!! We are going to work our butts off and leave Sister Ellis with a super huge teaching pool with Mickey leading the way! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Love, Sister Rogers

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 17, 2015

Hey family!!!

This week has been a good one, it felt a little long which is kind of weird because time has been flying but it's been good. Mickey is continuing to come to church with us. We are trying to help him be more comfortable with a quiet more reverent atmosphere haha the Elders went to Real Life (where Mickey goes) this last Sunday before their church services and told us it was like a free ticket to a rock concert. Super sad news... John got a job up in North Dakota.. and has since left. He has no phone, he had no idea where he was going to live, all he had was his truck and a suitcase. He said he was praying last week for a job because he was getting desperate and five minutes later he got the call. I don't know if it's the will of the Lord ha if it is then I'm totally okay with it but we are so sad to see him go. He is awesome! He said he wants to be baptized here but will only be returning once a month and we have no idea how missionaries can get in touch with him with no phone or address. I'm confident it will all work out though, we made him promise to call us from someones phone once he gets there but we haven't heard from him. Missionaries will run into him, we have been praying for it. We told him to keep an eye out for two people will tags like ours. 

The Dunbars are doing well!! We had FHE with them last night, I love those guys so much. I'm excited for you to meet them! I'm excited for you to meet everyone. I was able to get in touch with Sean Foley, and Jim, and the Fleishours this last week. I didn't hear back from any others that I tried to contact but either way it was so good to hear from at least a few of them :) I feel blessed to have had these specific people to teach on my mission. I have grown to love them so much! It's a little stressful to try and help them maintain and strengthen their testimonies while I'm in a completely different area but that is what a ward is for and I just need to trust that they are being looked after and they are doing their part in praying, studying, and attending church. Sister Ellis and I have been getting a little creative lately haha at the end of the day we just turn on some music and make some music videos. They remind me of Destiny's Child hahaha they've turned out pretty good and ridiculous at the same time, she won't sing with me but she'll do some dance moves. I'll have to do "the hammer" next time just for you mom. I'm going to have to take a few more videos of the beautiful drive we take and some other pretty parts of the town so I can show you and give you a little idea of what it's like.

That would be crazy if I extended to June haha you probably wouldn't be too happy with me! I'm pretty sure those papers are wrong, it should say March 9th. The itinerary is correct! Thanks for grabbing those things from the Sorensons! I totally forgot to mention they were coming down to Utah :/ I'm praying for you guys, for Logan, and for Grandma and Grandpa.

I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ for many reasons but one that has stood out to me lately is the simple feeling I feel when I talk about it vs. when others talk about what they believe. Don't get me wrong, I respect others beliefs and even feel the Spirit when they are stating truth. But I don't receive a warm comforting reassuring feeling when others try to argue with us and tell us that we are a cult, or Joseph Smith was not a prophet, or the Book of Mormon is a false book. When others say things like that to me I feel weird, I feel contentious, I feel discouraged and that is because they are not stating truth. The Spirit cultivates good feelings!

I love all of you so much! XOXO

Love, Sister Rogers

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey I'm so sorry this is going to be a short one, I've been writing a few other people today and it took a little longer than I expected! Don't you love those pictures of Logan?? Oh man, I'm dying here haha he makes me so proud. I can't believe I wanted to go to a crazy country for my mission, I remember the Philippines and other places like it were running through my head and I just felt like I was totally going somewhere gnarly and I was excited for it but nope I got called to Spokane, Washington and man... I'm spoiled. I'm looking at his bathroom and then looking at mine and just cracking up at the difference. It's crazy to me that we are all around the world preaching the same gospel and doing the same work but our circumstances are pretty different. It's all apart of His plan, and I know we are sent where we are needed. I have no doubt Logan is going to find many elect down in South America, I love the Spanish people, they are so sweet! But I've already told you that. 

Mickey came to church yesterday!!! And so did John. It was such a blessing having them there, they are both so prepared. John is progressing so quickly. Yesterday we were talking about the Fall of Adam and Eve. When asked if he had any questions, he said that it was something he needed to pray about because he was having trouble viewing the Fall as apart of God's plan and he was confused why God would give contradictory commandments. But that is all he said is he will just need to pray about it. We promised him that his understanding will grow as he prays. What really hit me was his response. He said, "Even if I don't have a greater understanding, that's okay. I am just looking to feel peace." It was so cool to me that John already understands the importance of just having faith and relying on the feelings of the Spirit. Mickey attends Real Life Ministries, a christian church that is just so huge. Millions of people go there, like everyone we talk to goes there and it's pretty anti mormon. Luckily Mickey is smarter than all that stuff, I hope. It's hard to tell how he was feeling in Sacrament meeting haha he looked a little tired. He is used to having a rock band at church. He said we can come back and teach him this week so that's a good sign! 

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I love Valentine's day. I love you guys and I hope you have an amazing week!

Dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Something is on it's way I promise :)

Love, Sister Rogers

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2, 2015

This week has been pretty amazing! We have met some great people. We strive to talk to everyone we see, and after we are done talking to them and walk away I feel so good and I feel the Lord is so proud of us and He is happy for them and I ask myself 'what if we had just walked by them and never talked to them?' Someone so prepared would have missed out on a chance to hear about the gospel. As we exercise faith and act, the Lord blesses us. One of those blessings this week is Mickey Lingar, he is such a cool guy! We had contacted almost everyone in our plans for the day and had some time to kill, we decided to stop by a potential investigators house and we ran into Mickey! He is a recovering alcoholic who is a gentleman with a thick Texas accent and he has this light about him ha he wants to know more about the gospel. He shared some experiences with us and told us he has lost so many things including his wife and kids. He was finally so tired of feeling out of control and alone that he turned to God and offered the most sincere prayer he has ever prayed. He asked God for the strength to stop chewing and drinking. There was one time after that experience that he felt a huge craving.. he just laid on the floor with his dog right by him and put his trust in the Lord by praying his little heart out.. he hasn't chewed or drank since and he told us he really hasn't felt any cravings. He was so excited for us to come back and talk about our Heavenly Father with him. Our meeting with Mickey touched my heart and I was reminded that the power of the Atonement is so real. Maybe I am just going out on a limb here but I feel like if we all aren't careful (and I feel like this because I've experienced it), we tend to have the natural man take over and we begin to cultivate a mindset that our struggles, addictions, stresses, etc. are too big for a simple prayer to take care of. I know that's what the adversary wants us to believe. I have felt so much strength and happiness come from accessing the Atonement through prayer. I can't believe I forget that sometimes. I love my Savior and I am thankful for this chance I have to serve Him. 

I hope you guys are doing so well. John Lamothe is doing awesome! I love that guy. He offered the sweetest prayer the other day and said, "I am looking forward to being apart of this church"! I felt like I was going to die I was so happy. 

Love you!

hey sorry I meant to send a picture of Galexi, Sister Ellis, and I at her baptism last week but I accidentally sent one of the jeep! I will just show you when I get home

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

cheap cheap cheap. Is it this cheap in Utah?

I just love the dunbar family too much

the Elders stole the jeep from us yesterday so we were stuck walkin the streets. No one wanted to talk to us... super bowl.