Tuesday, November 26, 2013


First off, I got a package from the Lindon 8th ward Young Woman! It was the best surprise :) They are the sweetest. It was filled with a whole bunch of goodies and notes from each of them including Sister Brown. I couldn't be more happy. Thank you so much! 

Last week Sister Workman and I and some other missionaries went up into the mountains to help Brother Warburton clean up his cabin property for the Winter. It was a blast. He had a ton of cool things like old cars, a big huge bus, animal bones everywhere. It was fun! And beautiful. I was praying the whole time that I would get to see a moose up there. Anyways it took a couple of hours until we were done. When Sister Workman and I were driving home I suddenly felt sick to my stomach... I remembered I had left eggs boiling on the stove and didn't shut if off before we left. I told Sister Workman and we raced our little butts back home. I was happy to see that our apartment complex was still there. We ran to the door and sure enough the fire alarm was going off inside. I was nervous to see what was going on in there. When Sister Workman opened it up tons of smoke poured out and the apartment was filled with it. I booked it to the stove to shut it off! It wasn't pretty. But luckily there wasn't any fire or damage, except to our poor little pot. The only one we had. I felt so horrible, our neighbors walked by to check on us. They were a little worried hahah I would be too if I were them. They said the alarm had been going off for a half hour and they were getting ready to break down our door. I was embarrassed and felt really dumb ha I will never make that mistake again. On the bright side we still have our apartment! Woo hoo! It smells horrible. I swear the smoke just soaked into the carpet and walls. And into my clothes. We bought a couple bottles of Febreze so it should be good.

We put a couple investigators on date to be baptized this last week! Phoebe and a guy named Sean Foley :) Phoebe is cute. She is 15 years old and really mature. She was a former investigator because her grandparents are catholic and didn't want her to be meeting with us but something told me that we needed to go back and see how she was doing. She invited us to come in and we taught her the Restoration. The spirit was wonderful :) She had a smile on her face the whole time and her eyes teared up as we talked about the Atonement. At the end I asked if she would prepare herself to be baptized on December 21st. She said, "I'm already prepared!" I was so happy! She said she would prepare for that date and continue reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and come to church. Pray so hard for Phoebe! She is so close. I am praying so hard that her grandparents and moms hearts are softened and they will allow her to progress and be baptized!

John Bell is doing well! He seems to be making a lot of progress. We asked him if he would pray and ask for help and strength before he lit up a cigarette. He laughed and said that would make him feel super guilty every time he smoked but that he would do it and see if it helps. The other day a member, Brother Downen, who is a fellowshipper for John, told us that John called him and told him what we asked him to do. He said that he decided to try it for the first time and after he prayed he put down his cigarette and didn't smoke. Sister Workman and I were so excited. He is coming along! Slowly but surely. It is all in the Lord's time!

I love you! I need to go! We are going to the temple today, I am pretty excited. I hear the Spokane temple is really pretty inside. They all are! Happy Thanksgiving <3

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

Helping Brother Warburton clean up his mountain property.  Lots of cool things!
These are the eggs I burned.  Our pot is ruined.
When teaching the gospel, say it with color :)


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Nov 19 at 1:38 PM
Family! family family family :) I love you all so much. Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes, emails, packages, letters. I am full of gratitude for all of your support and it makes me cry to think about how lucky I am to have all of you. Thank you! I wish I could write to each of you individually and tell you how much I love and appreciate you but this hour and a half goes by so fast. It's the fastest hour and a half of my life. Just know I would write you in a heart beat if I had the time.

This week was so strange but so fun! Last P day I was at Wal-Mart looking at some soups because that is what I eat almost everyday is soup. Not really but it feels like it. Campbell's Alphabet soup is my number one choice :) It is quick and easy and so yummy but probably has zero nutrition what so ever. Anyways, I was looking at soup and heard this weird mumbling behind me so I turned around and there was a little midget man talking to me, he was as tall as my belly button. I couldn't understand what he was saying, he didn't have any teeth the poor guy! But he had the biggest smile and I couldn't help but say hi and reach out my hand to shake his. He grabbed my hand and started kissing it hahahahahaha oh man it was so funny and just so.. weird. With a bright red face I said thank you and told him he was very nice haha I didn't know what else to do! He just stared and continued to talk to me with mumbled words so I grabbed a soup and politely walked away and told him to have a wonderful day! 

The other night Sister Workman and I were sitting in our car on the side of the road trying to figure out where someone lived. I was facing Sister Workman in the car when I saw a shadow in the corner of my eye waddling across the front of our car on the street. I quickly turned to see thee ugliest, biggest RAT just walking across the road doing it's thing. It was so huge, easily the size of Lexi. It's tail was thick and gross. Sister Workman turned the car on and and we followed it with our lights on so we could get a better look, it went to a building across the street and we watched in horror as it tried to find a place to get in. Ew it was just the weirdest thing I have ever seen. SO BIG. It would kick all of the New York rats butts. The Elders were driving their jeep the other day in the mountains. They said they were going about 45 when suddenly something hit their car antennae out of nowhere. They said it was so big the antennae wouldn't stop shaking after it was hit, so they decided to stop the car and look around to see what it was. They found a headless owl on the side of the road. It wasn't paying attention I guess and got it's head decapitated clean across the neck. POOR THING! They showed us pictures and it was a beautiful white owl like the ones you see in Harry Potter. I felt so sick to my stomach when they were telling me about it. It is in a better place though. I don't know why I am telling you all these stories. It is really just a jungle up here but so wonderful. I love Sandpoint and I hope I get to stay here for awhile! 

Yesterday we had a zone conference. President Mullen told us that The Lord wants us to double our monthly average of baptisms. Meaning we are going to work to get 70 baptisms a month and then double it again once it is reached. He told me that if I am obedient and work hard, I will be able to see baptisms double, and maybe even triple. I don't know how it is going to happen but with The Lord's help I think all of us missionaries know that it is achievable. When Nephi was commanded to build a boat, he had no idea how to do it but, he trusted in The Lord and immediately went to work and it was done! I feel so privileged to be a missionary during this hastening. We are building up The Lord's Kingdom and I can see and feel his hand in this work every day. It matters to Him. Heavenly Father wants ALL of his children to return to Him. How lucky am I to be apart of it? I love being a missionary. I feel so happy. I am learning a lot and my testimony is being strengthened every day. I know Heavenly Father and His Son love you. I love you! I love hearing what is going on with each of you and the great things that are happening. Keep telling me all about em. Have the best week :) 

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers
                                                      We had dinner at a member's home on my birthday.
                                   They made me some yummy apple cobbler and sang to me. They are so sweet!
It snowed!

Me and Margaret, Grandma's cousin

Lake Pend Oreille
This is Michael! The one standing next to me :) He is a happy camper now because he has entered into the gate that will allow him to be with his Heavenly Father again!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Adrienne is learning so many valuable life lessons.  I may be a little biased but I can't help but think what an awesome missionary she must be.  She truly has a sweet spirit and I know she loves serving the Lord.  If only I could be an ant on the sidewalk when she gets a little bold with those few that are stating things that are contrary to Heavenly Father's plan.  Also, what a small world!  I'm sure Grandma Caroll Rogers has lost touch with her cousin through the years and will be delighted to hear this story.  What a sweet experience!   Adrienne, you make us proud!


Hello! This week has been fun! I am really learning how to be patient with others and see ALL of God's children as He sees them. It isn't hard for me at all to love those that I teach and even those that I just barely met. Sometimes I feel so much love for them I can't help but cry when I testify to them that they are a child of God and He wants them to return to Him. But... sometimes it's hard especially when people are rude and slam the door in your face or worse get in your face and make completely false statements but it's alright. On occasion, if I feel prompted, I will be bold and give it right back to them. I probably have a nicer tone in my voice, but you would all be surprised to see "people pleasing" Adrienne who doesn't want to step on any eggshells, tell someone that what they are saying is contrary to Heavenly Father's plan and they need to repent and obey His commandments. So yes I am learning haha- to be patient & love everyone with as much love as I can muster in difficult moments and be bold. :)

Michael was baptized on Friday and it was such a wonderful blessing to be apart of it. He came to church on Sunday glowing. The Spirit that is at a baptismal service is special and strong and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the love that our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have for all of us. We had two of our investigators come to the baptism, John and Mala! I hope they could recognize the Spirit testifying to them that they just need to get baptized for crying out loud! Either way I am so happy that they were able to make it because I am sure they felt something. Our members are awesome. Many of them helped us plan the service and they tons of them attended in support of Michael. On behalf of the ward, Michael was given a nice new scripture quad. He was really grateful... it made my heart melt. There is no doubt he felt the love. We are excited for him, he is doing wonderful!

Guess what! This is a cool story. The other day Sister Workman and I planned to go sing and teach the elderly in a nursing home across the street from our apartment. We made a special note to go visit some members who were living there. The first person we were going to see was Margaret Peterson. She was laying in her bed playing a hand game when we walked in and asked if we could share a message with her. I introduced myself and she perked up. She went on to tell me that her cousin married a Rogers and they live in Gooding. I about died. I quickly told her that my grandparents live in Gooding and there names are Bob and Caroll. She told me Caroll is her cousin. I'm telling you I was immediately kicked in the heart with the Spirit of Elijah hahah the tears were flowing. She told me how she used to babysit grandma when they were young. And also told me that Grandma's brother had just passed away. I laughed and cried while we talked about grandpa and grandma. She wanted to show me a picture she had of grandma Rogers but she wasn't able to find it. I told her I missed them a lot and I am so happy to have made this connection. My family means the world to me, even more so now, and to have a connection like that was overwhelming and a tender mercy from Lord. I gave her a big hug and we sang her a song. We plan on going back to sing to her soon! Woo hoo! Family history is cool. I plan on doing much more of it when I get home. 

Let me tell you a little more about Sister Workman, my trainer and awesome companion. Mom was asking about her. She is so cute! She is from Kaysville, Utah and has been serving for almost 6 months now. Her birthday is on the 18th! So she and I are going to go out to dinner this weekend to celebrate together. She is a year younger than me but you wouldn't know it. She is so mature and wise. She knows her scriptures! I am working on that myself haha it is going to take a little while but for right now this is working out perfectly. In moments of need she can just flip right to the perfect scripture and I bear testimony. I am learning a lot from her and I'm grateful for it. There are moments where I think we have little disagreements or rub each other the wrong way but I don't know what else you would expect when you are with someone literally 24/7. That can be rough sometimes but we get along great. We laugh our heads off everyday and that is what I love most about our companionship is that we can be obedient and work hard but have so much fun. A mission blesses you with a lot and one thing is really meaningful relationships with others. Sister Workman and I talk about how we are going to be friends forever and go out to lunch in the future when we need a little break from our kids :) I love her!

Thanksgiving is coming up. I am thinking of all of you and sometimes I wish I could just fly home for the holidays and be with you and then come back but I love it here and I hear Thanksgiving and Christmas are on awesome as a missionary. I hope you have a great week. I will send pictures next week, one of them is with Grandma's cousin.

I love you!

Love, Sister Rogers

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I lied to you last week! Your package that I am sending will arrive within the next week or two, I am sorry I hope you haven't been looking for it wondering why it hasn't come yet. I am trying to find a good time to take it to the post office but the days are just a little busy. It will make it there soon :) Something came up and Michael Harke is now being baptized this Friday at 6:00 on thee dot. We are so excited for him. The ward is reaching out to him and introducing themselves so we are happy. I have such a wonderful ward here in Sandpoint, the members are great.

Halloween is great in Sandpoint, there are kids in costumes everywhere! The streets are filled. I feel like Utah has kind of lost that little Halloween touch given we have a million trunk or treats now. A member had the Elders, Sister Workman and I over for dinner. Her house was decked out and the food was yummy. After we ate dinner we played a couple of games with her daughter and son who are in high school and all of their friends who were non members. It was cool to be able to talk with all of them! 

We did go back to teach the Frank family that last Wednesday but the Dad who was so quick to let us in the first time and teach him and his kids wasn't home. I forgot to mention that the mom wasn't there during our first meeting, she was back in her room. So when we came back the second time she answered the door and told us that her husband wasn't home, she was really busy, and that they are probably not interested. We have tried back one other time hoping it would be Clint (the Dad) who would answer but it was Molly again and she told us that they just don't have time and they are leaving to go to Nicaragua as a family for a month. We bore her our testimonies and left her with a Book of Mormon and told her we hope they have a fun time on their trip. We were a little bummed but it's okay because the Lord is in charge of this work and we are going to find those who are prepared. If I am still here in Sandpoint in a couple of months though I am going to try the Frank family once more.

I don't have much more time so I just want to end by telling you all that I love you and I am so thankful for all of your support. Thank you for the festive package you sent me :) It made me so happy. It arrived at my door exactly on Halloween day and I loved every bit of it. The scarf is so cute. Thank you! I miss you and I'm praying for you.

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

Sandpoint Ward Halloween Party