Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I lied to you last week! Your package that I am sending will arrive within the next week or two, I am sorry I hope you haven't been looking for it wondering why it hasn't come yet. I am trying to find a good time to take it to the post office but the days are just a little busy. It will make it there soon :) Something came up and Michael Harke is now being baptized this Friday at 6:00 on thee dot. We are so excited for him. The ward is reaching out to him and introducing themselves so we are happy. I have such a wonderful ward here in Sandpoint, the members are great.

Halloween is great in Sandpoint, there are kids in costumes everywhere! The streets are filled. I feel like Utah has kind of lost that little Halloween touch given we have a million trunk or treats now. A member had the Elders, Sister Workman and I over for dinner. Her house was decked out and the food was yummy. After we ate dinner we played a couple of games with her daughter and son who are in high school and all of their friends who were non members. It was cool to be able to talk with all of them! 

We did go back to teach the Frank family that last Wednesday but the Dad who was so quick to let us in the first time and teach him and his kids wasn't home. I forgot to mention that the mom wasn't there during our first meeting, she was back in her room. So when we came back the second time she answered the door and told us that her husband wasn't home, she was really busy, and that they are probably not interested. We have tried back one other time hoping it would be Clint (the Dad) who would answer but it was Molly again and she told us that they just don't have time and they are leaving to go to Nicaragua as a family for a month. We bore her our testimonies and left her with a Book of Mormon and told her we hope they have a fun time on their trip. We were a little bummed but it's okay because the Lord is in charge of this work and we are going to find those who are prepared. If I am still here in Sandpoint in a couple of months though I am going to try the Frank family once more.

I don't have much more time so I just want to end by telling you all that I love you and I am so thankful for all of your support. Thank you for the festive package you sent me :) It made me so happy. It arrived at my door exactly on Halloween day and I loved every bit of it. The scarf is so cute. Thank you! I miss you and I'm praying for you.

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

Sandpoint Ward Halloween Party

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