Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday! FOUR! THAT is a miracle. We also had a few less actives who attended. It makes me so happy. They are exercising faith and I know that if they continue to come they will feel a greater happiness in their lives. Mala was one of those investigators. A couple weeks ago she called us out of the blue and told us who she was and that she wants to know more about the LDS way of living. I don't know if I've already mentioned this in my last email but we took her on a church tour and taught her the Restoration. She was receptive and kind but she told us that she doesn't want us to set up appointments with her because she is a free spirit and will call us when she wants to meet. Sister Workman and I talked about it afterwards and decided that this situation is all in The Lord's hands. And it definitely is. She called us last week and told us she had gone to stake conference and loved it, she is in Alma 40 now and wants to keep coming to church. She is wonderful and we are so hopeful that she makes the decision to be baptized.

Michael Harke, another investigator who came to church, moved here from Boise about a month ago. He has been baking in the oven for awhile down there, we taught him the lessons here and now he is ready! Michael is going to be baptized this Saturday! We are so excited and happy for him we can hardly contain ourselves. We are also excited to invite our other investigators to come to the baptism and feel the special spirit that will be there. I'm sure it will give some of them a good push (JOHN BELL).

Speaking of John, he is one of the most Christ like people I have ever met. He is so gracious and thoughtful. The other day we had a lesson with him over the phone and he went on to tell us how he was grocery shopping and realized that he never offers us anything to drink when we come over. So he bought us water bottles that are filled with the best spring water and they are sitting cold in his fridge for when we come to teach him. He told us he knows it isn't much but he is so grateful that we take the time to see him and help him. Our hearts were melted by the end of the conversation. John struggles, as we all do, but I know that in only a matter of time he will be baptized and will be able to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. It may not be while I'm here but it doesn't matter because I know I will see him in the future, maybe after this life and he will be so happy and I am positive that I will be overcome by his greatness. The thought makes me cry haha it will be great to see John enjoying all of the blessings of the gospel in his life. He deserves it so much.

Yesterday we stopped by Cory's house. We have met with him a couple times, he is really nice. He dances, is involved in martial arts, performs in musicals, everything! He's talented. He very kindly told us that he doesn't think Mormonism is for him. He doesn't want to commit to the things we ask him too. He said that he has loved meeting with us though and wants to still be friends and hangout. He asked if we wanted to go bowling! We told him our purpose is to preach the gospel but maybe when we are off our missions and return to Sandpoint we can all go bowling. So maybe you will get to meet Cory! He's awesome. He looked a little sad to be losing us but I told him to continue reading The Book of Mormon and pray everyday and that he is always welcome to call us. I reached out to shake his hand and when he grabbed it he pulled me in fast for a hug hahahahaha it took me by surprise, I couldn't even think and by that time he already had his arms around me and I was patting his back. I haven't hugged a boy in forever haha my face was bright red! I'm turning awkward I think. Once Sister Workman and I got in our car we laughed so hard. He had hugged her too after me and we were both still feeling funny. Cory didn't hide his love for us one bit. He appreciated his time with us BECAUSE he felt the Spirit! We planted a seed and that is good because later on some other missionaries will knock on his door and he is going to give it another go.

This week is Halloween! Every one here gets decked out for it. Sandpoint is the perfect town for this holiday because once 7:00 hits it literally is the creepiest place. The streets are dead. Not one person is out, only cats that crawl around. There are hardly any street lamps and the ground is topped with thick fog every night. We knock on doors and when someone answers they act like we are thee craziest girls to out walking the streets so late. So late to them is like 8:00, it's weird, they are weird but we love them. It is eerie haha but we have so much fun. Being a missionary is the best.

Mom and Dad, it sounds like your road trip was a blast! I am happy you got that time to be with each other and explore some parts of the country. That sounds so fun. We should have a road trip when I get back. 

I love you so much! I am sending a package home this next week so keep a look out. HAPPY HALLOWEEN :)

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

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