Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hello from Glenrose!! 

Sheesh ha I've turned into a country girl, so much better than the city. At least Spokane City. I can't say this is the prettiest city I've been to, everything seems so squished together. But I'm sure it has its pretty areas. I'm confined to this little part of Spokane Valley called Glenrose ward so I don't get to see very much. HOWEVER, there is much more diversity here. It's been 13 months since I have seen hispanics, black people, russians.. lots of russians. It's been fun, they're great! I feel a little homesick for Deer Park and Sister Huntsman, she was so wonderful! I miss her quite a bit. Sister Sara Jaine Dunford is my new companion, brand new from the MTC. You definitely wouldn't know it, she is on top of things. A little headstrong and very opinionated but she can be sweet. Communication is a little iffy at the moment ha I've realized even more how important that is in a relationship. It's been a challenging transfer so far so just pray for me! Look at how selfish I am.. asking for prayers! If you are willing, pray for me :) And Sister Dunford and Glenrose. 

We have been able to meet some of the investigators the sisters were teaching before us. One of our investigators name is Mario! He is pretty awesome, he came to church with us yesterday and he is really growing in his testimony of the Book of Mormon. I'm excited to continue working with him and his family! 

I have been so spoiled my entire mission. Out in the big areas you get full time car and here it is half time so I'm working on getting that all figured out. We supposedly get rides from members every now and then and ride our bikes when we can. Bikes are foreign to me, I think I have taken my bike out like 5 times since I've come on my mission so this will be good! The Lord is helping me get in shape before I come home so I'm grateful. 

I don't have too much more to write about... Just to tell you I love you. The Women's Conference was the best! I love it every time. General Conference will be good. I always feel a little connection to home when I watch. It makes me happy, I'm excited. I hope you have a good week <3

Love, Sister Rogers

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

I am getting transferred to Glenrose and will be "sweeping" the area! With a brand new missionary fresh from the MTC, I don't know her name yet. I am going to Spokane tomorrow to pick her up and we will be heading to our new area. I am a little anxious to be training and sweeping. But in a way it's a tender mercy because I can just look at her and say hey I have no idea what's going on in this area and neither do you so we can learn it all together. That will save her from asking too many questions. I love the questions haha ask away but it can get a little old having to explain every single investigator, less active, and active member. I am really going to miss Sister Huntsman! She laughs at all of my goofy comments. We get along so well and we have had so much fun these last few transfers! She will be staying here in Deer Park and Sister Perelman will be her companion. Sister Perelman came out on the mission with me. 

Deer Park is getting ready to explode, we have some amazing investigators right now, including Sarah Winkfield and Don Temples. They will be baptized this upcoming transfer so I'm really happy Sister Huntsman gets to have those sweet experiences. She deserves them. I have loved training her and watching her grow, she is such a great missionary! It is going to be a little strange leaving Deer Park. From what I heard Glenrose area has part of downtown Spokane. WHAT!?!? This little town has won my heart haha I love this area but I know I will love Glenrose just as much. Lots of people to contact. I wonder if I will finish my mission there? I will let you know all about it, maybe I can finally use the Chilis gift card you sent me forever ago.

The lovely Sister Gilson passed away this last Tuesday night. I am really happy for her. You know she is dancing and doing cart wheels up in paradise. How was I so blessed to spend those last few months with her? She has taught me so much. Her example of trusting in the Lord and enduring to the end is one of the greatest. As I visited with her I would often ask myself.. could I ever go through a challenge this great? And still have that kind of faith and trust in the Lord? I feel so blessed to have met the Gilsons and be apart of their lives. Don't ever hesitate to give Brother Gilson a call :) He is doing well and although I'm sure he has moments of heartache, I think he also feels a huge load of relief for his sweetheart. I am hoping President will give me permission to come back to Deer Park on Saturday for the memorial service. Pray pray pray that he will be cool with it.

Conference is coming up!! I can't wait. I love you!

Love, Sister Rogers
 Mark my words. Sister Huntsman will be a crazy cat lady. She begged and begged for me to take pictures of her with the cats.

 Probably the last little farm baby I will get to hold for a good while.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Okay okay I am so sorry! Last week I got distracted reading everyone's emails and before I knew it I had 10 minutes to write so I typed something up and then my computer shut down before I could send it. I was bummed! But I knew you would understand. Sister Huntsman and I just got done sheep wranglin. My arms feel like they are going to fall off. Sister Haney had Sister Fuller and I come once before... we grab huge fluffy sheep from behind and we have to flip them over one by one on their bums and wrap our arms and legs around them so the their hooves can be clipped. They are strong and chubby and smelly and goodness I just feel like taking a nap. Sister Haney was in desperate need of help, she is shipping her sheep to New York soon and wanted them to look nice. This was also Sister Huntsman's opportunity at a once in a lifetime experience haha you all would have been laughing watching her try to flip them over. She's so funny :) This time I seemed to have a better hang of it. 

These last two weeks have been great. We have been praying to find those who are prepared and we were blessed with plenty of new investigators. We have also found a couple families! Deseray and Nathan and their two little girls and the Stenlund family. Both were so sincere and said we can come back. I am crossing my fingers. We also started teaching a part member family in our ward, the Winkfields :) Paul is a member and his wife Sarah is not but they do come to church almost every Sunday with their little babies and have been the whole time I've been here. Back when Sister Fuller was here we would stop by and have small conversations about the gospel. Sarah is pretty quiet and Paul had asked us to not be "pushy" with her so nothing ever really happened with our visits and they became less and less frequent. It was at a point where the Winkfields weren't really at the front of my mind but a couple of weeks ago Sarah started coming to my mind repeatedly, about a week later I woke up in the early morning and while I was laying there the thought came to my mind that I need to ask Sarah about baptism. I felt anxious once I realized it was a prompting from the Spirit haha it had to be a prompting and we needed to get there as soon as we could (I always think of the stories Thomas S. Monson shares about following promptings). So this last Wednesday while we were on splits, the Luras and I went to go see the Winkfields. We talked for a little bit and asked how their family was doing and then we said an opening prayer. After the prayer ended everyone looked at me, then I just looked Sarah and said, "Sarah, you come to church with your family every Sunday. Have you thought much about baptism?" She smiled and said, "Actually, I have." The Spirit was so strong and I was just thinking to myself, she's thinking about baptism!! and woo hoo I followed a prompting!!! It felt good. I was happy that we could be there at the opportune time to talk to her about it and show her that we cared for her and her family. The Lura's invited her to take the missionary lessons and she said that would be great. So there you have it, a miracle. One of my most favorite experiences on my mission. I have been reminded of how clear but also how subtle a spiritual prompting can be. Seriously for me I think it is most often just a simple thought. I am working on recognizing those more and more. I would encourage all of you to pay attention to the promptings the Spirit brings to you... names, ideas, thoughts of comfort, peace, change and encouragement... then act on them. It's exciting! I love you all so much, I hope you have a great upcoming week. CONGRATULATIONS MAKENZIE :) :) I'm praying it will be warm and sunny for your reception too.

Love, Sister Rogers

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 10, 2014

Happy Wednesday! We had to wait awhile for our pday this week due to some meetings. My week feels a little off because of it. It has been crazy. But so good :) I can't believe I have hit my year mark! 6 months has flown by and it is going to fly by again. There are days when it is hard to soak up the present. I find myself often worrying about the future and what it holds. I don't know why haha my nature probably, I'm working on changing that part of me. I know God wants us to be genuinely happy, worrying about the future and focusing on the past can most times leave us feeling discontent and hopeless. We will feel very little progression in our lives and our faith will be weakened. Placing ourselves in the present and recognizing what we can do now to be happy, to better ourselves and ensure future blessings will help us to trust in our loving Heavenly Father and know that it is in His hands. And we will soon come to realize that everything works out just the way it should. The Lord tells us that things will work out for our good. Who can argue that? God knows whats up. Living in the present is what I have been striving to do a lot lately, especially with my mission coming to a close. I know the closer it gets to coming home, I will feel an increase of bittersweet feelings. I can't say my mission has been comfortable but when I really sit and think of all the blessings I have received, the experiences I have been given, the lovely people I have grown to love, and the lessons I have learned.. I just feel so happy. It is going to be difficult to give up. 

Our area is doing wonderfully! I have really been enjoying working with less actives and watching them progress. They are on fire! Right now our investigators are a little bit of a different story. It's been a process haha I feel some of them really have that desire to have the gospel but progression is moving slowly. Which is fine but I just know there has to be someone if not many who are searching their little hearts out for this gospel. I have been praying and asking God to help us find those who are honestly more prepared for the gospel and will desire to keep the commitments we give to them with a willing heart. I know there is someone out there who is patiently waiting and I need to find them. Soon I hope! 

Thank you mom for the package!! It was such a fun surprise. We were grateful for the food and I like the "sticky buddy" haha it looks awesome. I want all the dogs to jump on me now just so I can try it out. I loved the letters inside and I am looking forward to receiving Sadie's! To answer your question, I will be coming home on March 9.


Love, Sister Rogers