Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

I am getting transferred to Glenrose and will be "sweeping" the area! With a brand new missionary fresh from the MTC, I don't know her name yet. I am going to Spokane tomorrow to pick her up and we will be heading to our new area. I am a little anxious to be training and sweeping. But in a way it's a tender mercy because I can just look at her and say hey I have no idea what's going on in this area and neither do you so we can learn it all together. That will save her from asking too many questions. I love the questions haha ask away but it can get a little old having to explain every single investigator, less active, and active member. I am really going to miss Sister Huntsman! She laughs at all of my goofy comments. We get along so well and we have had so much fun these last few transfers! She will be staying here in Deer Park and Sister Perelman will be her companion. Sister Perelman came out on the mission with me. 

Deer Park is getting ready to explode, we have some amazing investigators right now, including Sarah Winkfield and Don Temples. They will be baptized this upcoming transfer so I'm really happy Sister Huntsman gets to have those sweet experiences. She deserves them. I have loved training her and watching her grow, she is such a great missionary! It is going to be a little strange leaving Deer Park. From what I heard Glenrose area has part of downtown Spokane. WHAT!?!? This little town has won my heart haha I love this area but I know I will love Glenrose just as much. Lots of people to contact. I wonder if I will finish my mission there? I will let you know all about it, maybe I can finally use the Chilis gift card you sent me forever ago.

The lovely Sister Gilson passed away this last Tuesday night. I am really happy for her. You know she is dancing and doing cart wheels up in paradise. How was I so blessed to spend those last few months with her? She has taught me so much. Her example of trusting in the Lord and enduring to the end is one of the greatest. As I visited with her I would often ask myself.. could I ever go through a challenge this great? And still have that kind of faith and trust in the Lord? I feel so blessed to have met the Gilsons and be apart of their lives. Don't ever hesitate to give Brother Gilson a call :) He is doing well and although I'm sure he has moments of heartache, I think he also feels a huge load of relief for his sweetheart. I am hoping President will give me permission to come back to Deer Park on Saturday for the memorial service. Pray pray pray that he will be cool with it.

Conference is coming up!! I can't wait. I love you!

Love, Sister Rogers
 Mark my words. Sister Huntsman will be a crazy cat lady. She begged and begged for me to take pictures of her with the cats.

 Probably the last little farm baby I will get to hold for a good while.

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