Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hello from Glenrose!! 

Sheesh ha I've turned into a country girl, so much better than the city. At least Spokane City. I can't say this is the prettiest city I've been to, everything seems so squished together. But I'm sure it has its pretty areas. I'm confined to this little part of Spokane Valley called Glenrose ward so I don't get to see very much. HOWEVER, there is much more diversity here. It's been 13 months since I have seen hispanics, black people, russians.. lots of russians. It's been fun, they're great! I feel a little homesick for Deer Park and Sister Huntsman, she was so wonderful! I miss her quite a bit. Sister Sara Jaine Dunford is my new companion, brand new from the MTC. You definitely wouldn't know it, she is on top of things. A little headstrong and very opinionated but she can be sweet. Communication is a little iffy at the moment ha I've realized even more how important that is in a relationship. It's been a challenging transfer so far so just pray for me! Look at how selfish I am.. asking for prayers! If you are willing, pray for me :) And Sister Dunford and Glenrose. 

We have been able to meet some of the investigators the sisters were teaching before us. One of our investigators name is Mario! He is pretty awesome, he came to church with us yesterday and he is really growing in his testimony of the Book of Mormon. I'm excited to continue working with him and his family! 

I have been so spoiled my entire mission. Out in the big areas you get full time car and here it is half time so I'm working on getting that all figured out. We supposedly get rides from members every now and then and ride our bikes when we can. Bikes are foreign to me, I think I have taken my bike out like 5 times since I've come on my mission so this will be good! The Lord is helping me get in shape before I come home so I'm grateful. 

I don't have too much more to write about... Just to tell you I love you. The Women's Conference was the best! I love it every time. General Conference will be good. I always feel a little connection to home when I watch. It makes me happy, I'm excited. I hope you have a good week <3

Love, Sister Rogers

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