Friday, October 10, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hello :)

I think Sister Dunford and I are really starting to warm up to our new area! I'm beginning to love it, especially our members! Our ward mission leader is so great. He was a mission president in Peru, so he knows whats up. He asked us to come over this last week and teach him the Plan of Salvation, so we did and of course he was pretending to be an investigator and was asking questions right and left. Long story short he helped us see our flaws and those things we need to work on. For a second I was a little stunned haha and had to swallow a big dose of humility but then I realized (I think the Spirit brought to my remembrance) that towards the end of last transfer I was praying and asking for Heavenly Father's help in knowing what I can do to be a better teacher. So there you have it haha obviously Brother Elmer is my answer. Once I recognized this as the Lord's help, I felt pretty grateful. I feel like I am having those incredible moments lately where I am really recognizing Heavenly Father's answers to my prayers.

Recently I have been asking Heavenly Father to help me recognize what I can focus on to find new investigators and help this area grow. This last week we had Missionary Leadership Council, a meeting for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. At one point we started talking about family history and how it is a huge part of the hastening of the work. We watched a few clips from and even printed out our 4 generation pedigree charts. As I printed mine out I immediately felt that Spirit and excitement. The moment we began to discuss family history I immediately felt the Spirit. I knew this was the Lord answering my prayers. Duh! Family History! What an amazing way to help non members and less actives feel the Spirit as they learn about their ancestors and help them see how it connects with the gospel and Heavenly Father's plan. As their hearts are softened through the spirit of family history work, of course they will want to have the gospel in their lives. Family History is the one thing I have failed to remember in my contacting. I think Satan is so good at distracting us. He is so good at helping us focus on the good things when there are better and best things! Good general conference talk on that this last week by the way :) I loved the last session the best. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Meet the Mormons is coming to theaters!! Invite your friends :) Go out for family home evening. I think it's going to be so good. We get to see it in our mission so I'm pretty excited.

I love you! 

Love, Sister Rogers

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