Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21,2014

Dearest Family,

I don't have a whole lot to write about today except that I am so grateful for those who are prepared and interested in learning more about the gospel. You face a lot of rejection in the mission field. A lot of nos, go aways, slammed doors, disgusted faces hahaha most times we just shrug it off and giggle but it can hurt sometimes and cause your faith to shake a little bit. But experiences like that make those moments so sweet and joyful when someone is kind and willing to give you some of their time to listen to what you have to say. The other day Sister Workman and I ran into a 20 year old who's name is Amanda. She was on her way to work but told us we could come back. So we did :) She allowed us to come in and we taught her about the Savior and His Atonement. Towards the end of our lesson we were all feeling the Spirit. She was in tears and agreed to come on a church tour with us. Last night when we were planning at our desk Amanda texted us...

She said: Hey can I ask you a question? 

We said: Absolutely! What can we do for you?  

Amanda: What kinda stuff do the two of you do? And I was wonderin if we could maybe sit and talk again sometime..?

                           We were so happy when we read that!!

Us: We find those who are willing to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach them, and invite them to do those things that will help them to come closer to Him and have greater happiness in their lives. And we would love to come share another lesson with you! :) 

Amanda: Yea that would be awesome.

Poor Sister Workman probably thinks I am a psycho but I started to cry right there at our desk hahah my heart was so full. She said that would be awesome! That doesn't happen as often as the rejections haha but I thought to myself.. despite all of those who choose to not listen and allow the Spirit to touch them... there are a few who are humble and desire to learn more. And those few make it all worth it. It is the greatest feeling in the world. I am excited to teach Amanda and help her to see those blessings that come the gospel of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. 

Our mission president has challenged us to read all of the Book of Mormon by the end of this transfer. It's been awesome! It has only been a few days and I have learned so much and realized why the Book of Mormon is the most powerful tool in missionary work. It allows us to gain and strengthen our testimonies of the Savior. I want to extend the challenge to you to read the Book of Mormon in 6 weeks :) And if you are already reading, start over! I know it will be a wonderful experience and a blessing. I love the Introduction.. it says [The Book of Mormon] puts forth the doctrines of the gospel, outlines the plan of salvation, and tells men what they must do to gain peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come. The Book of Mormon is true and I promise as you read you will feel greater peace and happiness. 

I love you so much! Thank you for the recent package. I am so happy to have the resistance bands!! Thanks Dad :) And thank you Mom and Sadie for your letters, they make me so so happy. Could you send me the recipe for Chicken Brocolli Casserole? I am craving it. And thank you for the heating pad you sent me for my birthday, it saved my life this last week. 


 Love, Sister Rogers

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014



You might want to change my blog name to Sister in Sandpoint because Sister Rogers is staying here for another transfer!!! WOO HOO!! I am sosososo excited, I thought for sure I was leaving. My eyes kept welling up with tears this last week when we went to members and investigators homes yesterday, I thought I was never going to see them again! False alarm haha. I am so happy and grateful. We have some wonderful people who are prepared to be baptized and I feel blessed to be able to stay here and continue working with them and with our wonderful members. I love them so much.

Sean Foley wasn't baptized this last Saturday. Our last lesson we asked him baptismal interview questions which is pretty much asking him about his testimony of Heavenly Father, the Savior, the Church and Gospel, and Joseph Smith. He feels he hasn't quite developed a testimony that he would like to have when he is baptized. I knew he was sincere when he mentioned that to us and that is alright with me! My purpose is to not drag people to baptism but to help them progress and develop a testimony and have increased faith that will prepare them for baptism. We love Sean Foley and he is continuing to meet with us and read the Book of Mormon so I can't complain. Just keep praying for him and I will do the same :)

Weather is funny in Northern Idaho. It is cloudy and grey almost everyday. The sun goes down at 4:00 pm too but I am used to it now! We knock on peoples doors 8 at night and they act like it is 3 in the morning haha they aren't too happy with us. 8 o clock in Sandpoint is like 12 am in Utah Valley. Sister Workman and I get a kick out of it. They all go to bed so early here so we teach a lot of lessons to our members during that time and try to set up any other appointments that we can.

Elder Anderson came to our mission the other day! All the missionaries met in Spokane and received a training by him and Elder Christensen of the 70. I had a blast, the Spirit was incredible. At the beginning we all got into a single file line and had the opportunity to shake their hands. Those men are called of God. You can't shake their hand with out being punched with the Holy Ghost. I was called on by Elder Anderson to share my thoughts about mercy during his training. It was nerve racking haha I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest it was beating so fast but I think I did a pretty good job :) You never would have thought but he is a super funny man hahah he has a sassy attitude and it made us all laugh. Elder Christensen is awesome too. The words they spoke were wonderful and I learned a lot. I forgot to bring my notes, there were some things that were said that I wanted to email to you so I will share them with you in the future!

I need to go but I love you! I pray for you all the time. XOXO

Oh and Logan I had a dream that you were called to China.. Just wanted to let you know! :):)

Love, Sister Rogers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 6,2014

BEST WEEK IN THE MISSION THUS FAR. Goodness I love love love being a missionary. Ether 12:18 describes a little bit of my week. "And neither at any time hath any wrought miracles until after their faith" We have been praying fervently, continuously, day and night for the Lord to place in our paths those who are prepared and ready to receive the gospel. There are moments in the past where my faith was lacking in the human race. Sister Workman and I would be walking up to someone and I would already be telling myself that they were going to say no. I kept asking myself why wasn't this working, why are we not finding people who want to have the gospel in their lives? I realized the thoughts that I was having and decided that I needed to increase my faith in The Lord and in missionary work. I have been studying and studying and applying and applying and praying my little heart out to grow in my faith. I will often say "Heavenly Father, please help me to increase my faith in missionary work and in the power of the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon." I am very specific with The Lord because I fear that if I just pray for faith, He will provide me with a trial that I really do not want hahaha. He is funny like that. Heavenly Father answers prayers, He truly does. We have worked hard to talk to everyone, to be diligent and obedient and exercise our faith. He has blessed us incredibly. 

We found 8 new investigators this week! And not just any investigators. These are the big ones! The elect and the prepared! Some may be more than others but I am excited to teach each and every one. They are wonderful. We found a family and they are excited to learn more about the gospel and read The Book of Mormon. They are the Parsons :) Dani, Nick, and their little daughter Elle. We found them in a pretty miraculous way... a few weeks ago we went to go visit an inactive family. At their house was a friend of theirs named Jackie. We talked with her a little bit and she said she would be alright if we came to her house sometime and shared some more. She gave us her address and the next week we went over. We knocked on the door and another woman, Heidi, answered. She told us she was Jackie's room mate. Jackie wasn't home but she allowed us to come in and share a message with her and her family. The next week we decided to go back and see them again. When we knocked on the door another woman answered, it was Dani! She told us that they had just moved in, we were a little confused haha Heidi was just there the week before but we shared our testimonies with Dani and told her the gospel with strengthen her and her family. She was quick to set up a return appointment with us! That doesn't happen all the time haha. The other day was our appointment, we taught the Restoration to her and her husband and answered their questions. Nick told us that the reason they invited us to come back is because Mormons are so happy and they want to see what that is all about :) That made me smile. They committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray everyday and they wanted us to take them on a church tour the next day! When we took them on a church tour, the Spirit was so so strong. They told us they felt good and at peace and they are excited to continue meeting with us. Tonight they are having dinner and family home evening with a young family in our ward who joined us for the church tour. Sister Justeson is a convert so it should be good! WE ARE SO HAPPY! I am telling you, nothing brings greater joy and satisfaction than sharing your testimony with others and inviting them to come unto Christ and experience the happiness that comes from living the gospel. As I have been talking to everyone the Lord puts in my path and testify to them of the gospel and the Savior and His Atonement, I feel so good. I can feel myself becoming converted and that is the best feeling in the world. 

This last week has left me with a greater desire to search more diligently for those who will accept our message and receive those blessings that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the miracles we have seen and the blessings that have been given. I have never felt so happy. This is the true church and as we do our best to follow the commandments, including sharing the gospel with others, and use the Atonement of our Savior in our lives, we will have real joy and contentment. Pray for missionary opportunities! Being a missionary is the best thing ever and anyone can experience it. I love you! I hope you have a wonderful week.

Love, Sister Rogers


Here are some pictures of my new years eve party! Sister Workman and I had too much fun with our confetti poppers and martinellis :)