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January 13, 2014



You might want to change my blog name to Sister in Sandpoint because Sister Rogers is staying here for another transfer!!! WOO HOO!! I am sosososo excited, I thought for sure I was leaving. My eyes kept welling up with tears this last week when we went to members and investigators homes yesterday, I thought I was never going to see them again! False alarm haha. I am so happy and grateful. We have some wonderful people who are prepared to be baptized and I feel blessed to be able to stay here and continue working with them and with our wonderful members. I love them so much.

Sean Foley wasn't baptized this last Saturday. Our last lesson we asked him baptismal interview questions which is pretty much asking him about his testimony of Heavenly Father, the Savior, the Church and Gospel, and Joseph Smith. He feels he hasn't quite developed a testimony that he would like to have when he is baptized. I knew he was sincere when he mentioned that to us and that is alright with me! My purpose is to not drag people to baptism but to help them progress and develop a testimony and have increased faith that will prepare them for baptism. We love Sean Foley and he is continuing to meet with us and read the Book of Mormon so I can't complain. Just keep praying for him and I will do the same :)

Weather is funny in Northern Idaho. It is cloudy and grey almost everyday. The sun goes down at 4:00 pm too but I am used to it now! We knock on peoples doors 8 at night and they act like it is 3 in the morning haha they aren't too happy with us. 8 o clock in Sandpoint is like 12 am in Utah Valley. Sister Workman and I get a kick out of it. They all go to bed so early here so we teach a lot of lessons to our members during that time and try to set up any other appointments that we can.

Elder Anderson came to our mission the other day! All the missionaries met in Spokane and received a training by him and Elder Christensen of the 70. I had a blast, the Spirit was incredible. At the beginning we all got into a single file line and had the opportunity to shake their hands. Those men are called of God. You can't shake their hand with out being punched with the Holy Ghost. I was called on by Elder Anderson to share my thoughts about mercy during his training. It was nerve racking haha I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest it was beating so fast but I think I did a pretty good job :) You never would have thought but he is a super funny man hahah he has a sassy attitude and it made us all laugh. Elder Christensen is awesome too. The words they spoke were wonderful and I learned a lot. I forgot to bring my notes, there were some things that were said that I wanted to email to you so I will share them with you in the future!

I need to go but I love you! I pray for you all the time. XOXO

Oh and Logan I had a dream that you were called to China.. Just wanted to let you know! :):)

Love, Sister Rogers

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