Since I have left home, words cannot express how incredibly blessed I have felt and continue to feel every day. The Lord has given me so much. I have always thanked The Lord for my wonderful family but now I really really thank Him. I have always expressed my gratitude for having the gospel throughout my entire life but now I truly realize what an incredible blessing it is. How am I so lucky? I love you so very much and I would not trade you for the world. It me hard the other night that Logan won't be home when I get back from my mission. I had tears just waiting to come out so they did haha for awhile and then I crashed on my bed. Logan... you HAVE to promise me that when you get back from your mission, we will watch movies and hangout all the time like we did before I left! 

The Spirit is with missionaries constantly! I know that is an obvious statement but I just never imagined it to be this recognizable. As we live the higher law and work hard to build up the kingdom of God you can just feel that His presence is very near. It is the greatest feeling. I love being a missionary and everything that comes with it! Including meeting a less active named Sister Keeley who is pretty interesting. This last week we helped her go through millions of things so she could have a garage sale. She doesn't have money to pay for rent this month so a garage sale was the answer. She cried to me as she told me about her crazy life. She is all alone now with no family, or money, just a friend who visits her occasionally. I couldn't help but cry with her. Her faith in The Lord is awesome. She knows he is watching out for her and she mentioned that He always helps her to get out of her ruts and help her through her challenges. There is just one very interesting thing about Sister Keeley. She wants the priesthood REALLY bad. Like really really bad to the point where she is very negative about our church and the leaders in the church. She told us that she will always be here for us when we want to be more intellectual as women and not just settle for motherhood. She doesn't know the power that women really do have. Motherhood being one. It was sad to listen to her go on about her beliefs. But she will figure it out one day. Despite her ideas, I love Sister Keeley and I feel empathy for her and the tough situation she is in. Pray for her to have a softened heart!

John, one of our investigators, is on date to get baptized on October 11! He is still trying to quit smoking and is doing well. He called us the other day though and told us his mom didn't want him to be baptized. The man is 55! We told him that it is good to respect his mom but he needs to make this decision on his own and pray to The Lord and ask what he should do. Yesterday when we met with him we were curious as to what he was thinking about being baptized. He told us that he has the strongest desire to be baptized and he knows it is what he needs to do. I was so happy and I had the biggest smile on my face the rest of the meeting. John is such a sweet man who is always trying to do better and he knows The Lord loves him. He loves the gospel so much and loves the members of the church. He is going to be a wonderful member. We can't wait!

Reading The Book of Mormon while you are on a mission is pretty darn cool haha it is packed with stories of missionary work and is so applicable, I love it. Start reading at Alma 5 and just keep going! It is amazing. Those men are amazing missionaries and I am striving everyday to be more like them... meaning to be more bold! That is something that I am working on :) You know me.

I am loving my companion Sister Tisdale. She is great and we get along perfectly. Sometimes I am rubbed the wrong way a little but I get over it fast. But I'm sure she is too. President Mullen is an amazing man. I feel so blessed to have him as my mission president. Yesterday we had a training and he taught me so much. To answer your question mom, we are given 170 dollars on a debit card each month. Whatever we don't use will carry over to the next month! I am doing a good job at not spending it all too fast ha so that's good! The members in Sandpoint are great! They feed is every now and then. That is always fun to go over to their houses and get to know them better. I feel so happy and I am so grateful for this experience. I still feel like I have forever ahead of me haha I miss you guys but I am loving it! I hope you have the best week <3 What are your plans for Halloween? Also could you send me Logan and Isaac's email addresses? Thanks! I love you SO MUCH!

Love, Adrienne

My companion, Sister Tisdale and myself.
This is our Zone. haha We are goofballs.