Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 10, 2014

Happy Wednesday! We had to wait awhile for our pday this week due to some meetings. My week feels a little off because of it. It has been crazy. But so good :) I can't believe I have hit my year mark! 6 months has flown by and it is going to fly by again. There are days when it is hard to soak up the present. I find myself often worrying about the future and what it holds. I don't know why haha my nature probably, I'm working on changing that part of me. I know God wants us to be genuinely happy, worrying about the future and focusing on the past can most times leave us feeling discontent and hopeless. We will feel very little progression in our lives and our faith will be weakened. Placing ourselves in the present and recognizing what we can do now to be happy, to better ourselves and ensure future blessings will help us to trust in our loving Heavenly Father and know that it is in His hands. And we will soon come to realize that everything works out just the way it should. The Lord tells us that things will work out for our good. Who can argue that? God knows whats up. Living in the present is what I have been striving to do a lot lately, especially with my mission coming to a close. I know the closer it gets to coming home, I will feel an increase of bittersweet feelings. I can't say my mission has been comfortable but when I really sit and think of all the blessings I have received, the experiences I have been given, the lovely people I have grown to love, and the lessons I have learned.. I just feel so happy. It is going to be difficult to give up. 

Our area is doing wonderfully! I have really been enjoying working with less actives and watching them progress. They are on fire! Right now our investigators are a little bit of a different story. It's been a process haha I feel some of them really have that desire to have the gospel but progression is moving slowly. Which is fine but I just know there has to be someone if not many who are searching their little hearts out for this gospel. I have been praying and asking God to help us find those who are honestly more prepared for the gospel and will desire to keep the commitments we give to them with a willing heart. I know there is someone out there who is patiently waiting and I need to find them. Soon I hope! 

Thank you mom for the package!! It was such a fun surprise. We were grateful for the food and I like the "sticky buddy" haha it looks awesome. I want all the dogs to jump on me now just so I can try it out. I loved the letters inside and I am looking forward to receiving Sadie's! To answer your question, I will be coming home on March 9.


Love, Sister Rogers

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