Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hello :) 

This is a simple email. This last week has been wonderful but I can't think of a whole lot to write about at the moment. Sister Huntsman and I have been working with a less active couple, the Murphys! They are a sweet couple, a little stubborn and defensive, but they have that desire and they allow us to come and teach them each week. This transfer we have really been working on being bold and focusing on getting our investigators/less actives to church. We are still working on it but we have already seen so many blessings as we have strived to be better! This last week we have been helping the Murphys understand the doctrine behind coming to church and taking the sacrament and how important it is to our eternal salvation. God wants us to be happy now and forever and attending church each week will bless us with that renewed strength and desire to improve. As we attend with an open and humble heart, we are blessed with power and personal revelation. We are promised the companionship of the Holy Ghost as we renew our covenants and make that resolve to change. Improvement, even small improvement, will bring us happiness. 

Yesterday morning as we were heading to ward council we made a last minute decision to call the Murphys and invite them one more time to church. We were nervous that Sister Murphy, who made it clear she doesn't like to be pushed, would get upset but we know that we had to do it. She did seem a little bothered when we reminded her over the phone that church starts at 1:00 and we hope to see them there. I think she actually may have hung up on us? But we both felt good because we had done all that we could to help them this last week to get their bums on over to the building and take the sacrament. A couple hours later we were standing at the doors greeting everyone coming into the chapel and in pops the Murphys!!!!!! It was a miracle! My jaw dropped haha I think that was amusing for them. They both had big smiles on their faces and I could tell they felt accomplished and proud of themselves to have finally made it to church after so many years. I felt so happy.. I love that feeling. We are going to continue working with them and help them to become active! Sometimes I think about those at home.. neighbors family and friends who have gradually stopped going to church and I often wonder why I did not do more to reach out. I am learning though and I recognize the importance of being your brother's keeper and helping them to the best of your ability. Being an example to them, serving them, and encouraging them with love and not overbearance will bless them and soften their hearts. God has opened my eyes through the experiences I have had on my mission. I think if I were at home today and never chose to serve a mission, I would still be oblivious to some of those who are struggling around me. I am thankful that I have learned to be more mindful of what I can do to help the Lord and His children. To turn outward and serve! I know as we do so we feel joy and greater self confidence. We feel the Lord's love for us and better recognize the potential we have as children of God. I think we are blessed with a greater desire to change and become better as we think of others, especially those the Lord has placed close to us in our lives, and seek to help them. I love you all so very much. Thank you for your support and encouraging words and prayers. XOXOX

Love, Sister Rogers

P.S. We went golfing this morning with Brother Hassing. It reminded me of you Dad! It made me happy, we have to go when I get home. I think I want to play more often! (I also remembered that one time we went and that british guy played with us, remember his accent? Especially when he talked about his "pawtna" :)) 

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