Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 17, 2015

Hey family!!!

This week has been a good one, it felt a little long which is kind of weird because time has been flying but it's been good. Mickey is continuing to come to church with us. We are trying to help him be more comfortable with a quiet more reverent atmosphere haha the Elders went to Real Life (where Mickey goes) this last Sunday before their church services and told us it was like a free ticket to a rock concert. Super sad news... John got a job up in North Dakota.. and has since left. He has no phone, he had no idea where he was going to live, all he had was his truck and a suitcase. He said he was praying last week for a job because he was getting desperate and five minutes later he got the call. I don't know if it's the will of the Lord ha if it is then I'm totally okay with it but we are so sad to see him go. He is awesome! He said he wants to be baptized here but will only be returning once a month and we have no idea how missionaries can get in touch with him with no phone or address. I'm confident it will all work out though, we made him promise to call us from someones phone once he gets there but we haven't heard from him. Missionaries will run into him, we have been praying for it. We told him to keep an eye out for two people will tags like ours. 

The Dunbars are doing well!! We had FHE with them last night, I love those guys so much. I'm excited for you to meet them! I'm excited for you to meet everyone. I was able to get in touch with Sean Foley, and Jim, and the Fleishours this last week. I didn't hear back from any others that I tried to contact but either way it was so good to hear from at least a few of them :) I feel blessed to have had these specific people to teach on my mission. I have grown to love them so much! It's a little stressful to try and help them maintain and strengthen their testimonies while I'm in a completely different area but that is what a ward is for and I just need to trust that they are being looked after and they are doing their part in praying, studying, and attending church. Sister Ellis and I have been getting a little creative lately haha at the end of the day we just turn on some music and make some music videos. They remind me of Destiny's Child hahaha they've turned out pretty good and ridiculous at the same time, she won't sing with me but she'll do some dance moves. I'll have to do "the hammer" next time just for you mom. I'm going to have to take a few more videos of the beautiful drive we take and some other pretty parts of the town so I can show you and give you a little idea of what it's like.

That would be crazy if I extended to June haha you probably wouldn't be too happy with me! I'm pretty sure those papers are wrong, it should say March 9th. The itinerary is correct! Thanks for grabbing those things from the Sorensons! I totally forgot to mention they were coming down to Utah :/ I'm praying for you guys, for Logan, and for Grandma and Grandpa.

I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ for many reasons but one that has stood out to me lately is the simple feeling I feel when I talk about it vs. when others talk about what they believe. Don't get me wrong, I respect others beliefs and even feel the Spirit when they are stating truth. But I don't receive a warm comforting reassuring feeling when others try to argue with us and tell us that we are a cult, or Joseph Smith was not a prophet, or the Book of Mormon is a false book. When others say things like that to me I feel weird, I feel contentious, I feel discouraged and that is because they are not stating truth. The Spirit cultivates good feelings!

I love all of you so much! XOXO

Love, Sister Rogers

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