Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am sorry my emails come on different days every week. We have had a lot of trainings so we have to move our P days around. First off I just want to say how much I love all of you. I am so appreciative of all your emails and the letters that I receive. They make me so happy and I feel so blessed. I am sorry I am not able to respond very quickly but just know that I am grateful and I want to continue to hear more! I like knowing what's going on back home you know? I think about all of you every day and I hope you are doing well. I got an email from Logan! WOO HOO! I was so happy about that haha. It took him awhile that little punk but I don't even care it was great and if I don't have time today to write him back, I definitely will soon.
General Conference was wonderful. I was wishing the whole time that our investigators would have showed up because there were talks that applied to each and every one of them and I know it would have touched their hearts. Those investigators like to get your hopes up. But we are patient :)  I had a lot of favorite talks this time around. Too many that I don't really know where to start. Bednar's was great! And Eyring's too. Uchtdorf was speaking directly to Sister Keeley. We encouraged her to watch it. She recorded it on her TV and said that she would so we are excited to hear what she has to say. And maybe a little nervous too. She is an interesting lady but oh my goodness does God love her. I felt it so strongly when I told her so the other day. It was a pretty neat experience. She cried to us and told us that we must have been really inspired to come visit her that first time because she needed our help. She was very appreciative and I felt so much love for her. The Spirit is incredible and sometimes you don't even realize that he is guiding you. But when an investigator or less active says so, those are the moments where you feel very blessed to be a missionary. There are many days where we have worked hard and we have done our best but eventually we come home at night with zero baptismal invites, zero referrals contacted or given, zero new investigators and all that stuff but there are always little miracles through out the day! Those simple experiences are too good that we don't even care about the zeros. You are just so happy to have helped at least one of them feel the Spirit and come unto Christ. That is the greatest. I was reading in Alma 29 today and verse 9 explains it perfectly. If you really care about those you are meeting with and teaching then even if only one of them tells you to come back to teach another lesson, or tells you they will have a church tour, or that they feel the Spirit or that they know God loves them then you are just so happy you can't even contain it ha. It's called seed planting. We do a lot of that. I would love love love to see someone be baptized but I am being patient and just focusing on these little miracles that make even the worst days feel awesome.
I love Sandpoint! And I hope I get to stay here for another transfer. It's crazy how quickly you become attached to the people and the area. Transfers are in two weeks so don't send anything to my apartment address just in case I have to move. If you send it to the mission office they quickly forward it to where ever we are living!

I love you all so much. I hope you are all doing great and gearing up for Halloween. What are your plans? We were invited to go to the ward Halloween party. I am so excited! I hope I'm still here. We will see. Have the best week!
Love, Sister Rogers

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