Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 23, 2014


Transfer calls were last night! I was shocked and I still feel a little in denial. I will be training a new missionary and I will be the new sister training leader for our zone. I never really understood what others meant when they were given a new calling and told everyone they feel very humbled about it, but let me tell you... I am feeling it! And I don't think it will go away ha I already know this transfer will be very humbling. I am far from being a perfect missionary and this new missionary will be watching my every move hahah I've been praying really hard and I know the Lord will help me. I'm going to make sure my new companion knows that she can work hard but have tons of fun while doing it. I think there are some crazy trainers out there who squish the fun out of everything. So hopefully she loves me. We'll see! 

Guess where Sister Fuller is being transferred.... SANDPOINT!!! Oh man I going to miss her, we've had so much fun but she is going to love it there. I have already started telling her about all the great people. She will be sweeping the area so that should be fun. Sandpoint. It's like heaven on earth.

I don't think we ever told you about Mike! We were outside BiMart the other day and I thought I was hallucinating for a second but there across the parking lot was a black man sitting on the curb. That is like the second black person I have seen my entire mission. I haven't even met any Hispanics really. Maybe two or three. The Mexican food is horrible here... my areas are culturally challenged. Anyways, we had to talk to Mike of course, The Spirit wanted us to and we wanted to so we approached him. Sister Fuller made a comment about his Miami Heat hat and he told us he was from Florida. We asked how on this great green earth did he end up in Deer Park, Washington of all places. He told us he moved to Spokane awhile back with his girlfriend but now they are going through some major issues and he is going to stay with her parents in Chewela. We continued asking him questions about his beliefs and what he hopes for in life and he told us the concerns that are on his mind, including the death of his mother. We testified to him of the comfort and blessings that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Book of Mormon. He told us he has been praying hard to God for direction and guidance and he feels this is his answer. He was excited to have the Book of Mormon and told us he would read it. You could feel the Spirit enlightening his mind. It was awesome. People are prepared everywhere, you just need to talk to them. He gave us his girlfriends parents number, he didn't have a phone, so hopefully we can get in touch with him somehow. Either way, I am happy he has a Book of Mormon in his hands.

This week is going to be cool, we have Elder Aidukaitis coming to our mission to train us. He spoke in General Conference, the one with the thick accent. The men in our ward are also putting on an activity called the Manly Games this Saturday :) Me and my new companion will be the only girls allowed haha it's supposedly a huge finding activity for us from what all the members have said. A lot of nonmembers attend. It will be at our place because the Gilsons have a lot of land... they will be golfing, shooting clay pigeons, archery, black powder, horse shoes, eating food, the whole works! We aren't allowed to use guns on our mission, I was pretty bummed about that because ever since Dad has taken me I have loved shooting clay pigeons but the golf and archery should be fun! It should be a good week. 

Pray for me and my new companion haha. Pray that she learns all the things she needs to, to be a successful missionary. Wish me luck! I LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Rogers

I promise promise promise I will send you a picture of Jim's baptism next week. I don't have a lot of time today

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