Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

This week was a PRIME week :) Good things going on all day every day. Amanda and Chris are progressing well. Chris opened up to us yesterday and mentioned how he doesn't think he is as committed as Amanda is... he doesn't enjoy that church is 3 hours long hahaha, I have some ideas on how we can help him. He does want us to still come and teach them and he committed to continue reading from the Book of Mormon so I'm praying my little heart out. I think he is more prepared than he might realize. I felt very privileged to sing at his mother's funeral this last weekend. They asked me to sing How Great Thou Art. I think that song is beautiful, especially the third verse. I sang acapella, I didn't have any music to accompany me but I was grateful I chose to do it that way because the moment I began singing the third verse and really paying attention to the words, I started to cry. When the Spirit is strong like that... I'm a goner. I was able to compose myself and finish it up. Our Bishop was also asked to speak so that was exciting. He taught everyone the Plan of Salvation! 

Carrie is so wonderful! I love her. She is sincere and willing to learn, it makes me so happy. She recognized the Spirit and I am excited to teach her more. She is on date to be baptized!

BIGGEST MIRACLE OF THE WEEK. A few days ago Sister Huntsman and I received a media referral. We got a text with the referrals information on it, her name is Sara, and it said it was submitted through mormon. org. The next day we were in the area and decided we better contact the referral so we drive up the road, we pull into the driveway, and there is a woman with her 3 little kids out in the front yard. When she saw us pull up she ran into her house and the first thought I had was.. great she is going tell us she isn't interested and ask us to leave. As we got out of the car, she came out of her house and started walking towards us and then she said, "Are you the missionaries? I submitted my information on" She referred herself!! I just assumed it was by a member or something but she is the one who asked the missionaries to come over. We shared our testimony with her that the message we share is a message of happiness and the gospel of Jesus Christ will bless her and her family. She began to cry and told us that her sister married a member of the church and she started visiting with the missionaries 12 years ago but she moved to Montana and never got baptized. She said for 12 years the message the missionaries shared with her has been on her mind and that there was something missing her life. She asked us for a Book of Mormon and wants to meet with us to learn more. We have a church tour with Sara on Thursday! I couldn't believe it! Sister Hunstman and I got in the car and just drove away speechless. I was feeling extremely blessed. I still do! This work is so amazing. I am always reminded of the very fact that Heavenly Father truly loves all of his children and this work is hastening.

I will keep you updated on Sara. I love you! I hope the lovely fathers had a wonderful Father's Day! Have a good week :)

Love, Sister Rogers

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