Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

I don't have too much time, we are headed to a funeral in a bit! A member, Mick Hall, passed away this last week from cancer, he was such a sweet man. I am in awe with the love our ward has for one another... Mick has two kids who are in high school and they don't have a mother or other family to take care of them so a couple in our ward, the Moores, will be taking them in. While serving a mission, I have heard about and witnessed so many trials and challenges people go through in this life and I realize that I have it easy! I have learned so much just by watching others endure patiently and well the things that I feel would break me. The Lord can really provide us literal strength and direct help through his Atonement and I am so very grateful for that knowledge. 

Yesterday we had a miracle! We went to contact a promising potential investigator... he wasn't home but his 17 year old daughter, Carrie, was. It was our first time meeting her and we asked her if we could share a message with her. She was so sweet and allowed us to come in. We taught her the Restoration and asked her how she felt as we taught her about The Atonement and Joseph Smith. She replied that she felt "relief"! I thought that was one of the greatest answers I have ever heard! A young girl who has never heard about the Restoration, felt relief and comfort from this message that we shared with her. The Holy Ghost is so great! She committed to read from the Book of Mormon, she told us she thinks her Dad was reading it as well since we last gave it to him! She also said she would be baptized, WOO HOOO!! We have another appointment with Carrie tomorrow so we are excited.

I was asked by Amanda and Chris to sing at Debbie's funeral. I am a little nervous but I think it is a good opportunity for us to show them our love for them and most importantly the love that the Lord has for them. Our Bishop has become involved and he is helping out with the funeral too so that's good! Member fellowship :) Amanda and Chris told us yesterday at church that they still want to be baptized. I was really happy to hear that because we haven't been able to teach them in a while. We are going to do our very very best to help them feel ready and prepared for baptism. I feel so blessed to be working with such lovely people. The Lord has placed those who are prepared in our hands and I couldn't thank him enough. To think that all of these amazing experiences and miracles all came from a very subtle prompting to go see a recent convert, Sister Gooch, who introduced us to her brother, Jim Brock, who was baptized and is sharing the gospel with everyone including Amanda and Chris! I think it's amazing. Speaking of Jim Brock, he is receiving the priesthood this week!!! And I mean it when I say he is sharing the gospel with everyone haha we gave him mormon.org cards the other day with our number on it to give to those the Lord places in his path. Later in the evening we ran into him and he asked us to give him more cards because he already passed out all the ones he had. Gotta love Jim. He is too good.

I love you!!! Thank you for all the prayers and support and know that I am praying for you too.

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

my drive up to Ione, Washington! population 200 I swear, it's so small

my super cool zone, that's Sister Huntsman in the pink!

back porch of a members home! I was dying haha it's so beautiful

 I think I have more pictures of scenery than I do people ha I can't help it. This is at Sister Borges house, a less active member. She has billions of iris flowers in her yard.

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