Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Sister Huntsman and I got a call yesterday from the Assistants. They let us know that we will be having a "mini missionary" join us for the week. Every year we have some youth from the mission stay with missionaries so they can get a little taste of the missionary life. She will be like a third companion, she will help us teach, find, etc. We are excited, it will be way fun! Her name is Jenna, she sounded a little nervous on the phone when I was giving her some info. I told her to make sure she brings a mattress pad because the couch is infested with spiders. Our whole apartment is infested with spiders (Hobo spiders, they are CRAZY) but she will be much safer sleeping up in the loft with us. She will have tons of fun :) We know how to have a good time. I will let you know how it goes. Having a third missionary with us is going to be a little different, it is going to be so funny contacting people on the street.. I feel like they will feel even more intimidated than they already do when two strangers approach them out of no where.

Speaking of spiders, I got a bug bite on my ankle. We were serving an investigator and I was out in her field, dumping some dirty water in the weeds and my ankle started burning. I'm not sure what bit me but it is so disgusting. My ankle is super swollen now and it aches like a sprained ankle. What's even worse is it is all itchy too... not just the little bite but my whole ankle. Sister McBride told me to soak my foot in epsom salt everyday so that's what I've been doing... guess we will see? I'll send you a picture, it's gross. 

This week there has been so many miracles! The other day Sister Huntsman and I were weekly planning and we got a call from Amanda. She told us she wanted to share something with us and asked if we could come over. We hopped in our car and the whole way there we were stressing. We weren't sure what to expect so we prepared ourselves for the worst which would be her telling us that they don't want to continue lessons. The Lord showed us. We walked in and she had a huge smile on her face. I knew immediately that it was going to be something so wonderful. She told us she wrote down her testimony. Miracle #1: She explained that she was really wanting a cup of coffee and decided that she would read from the Book of Mormon instead and something amazing happened. Miracle #2: She flipped open to Ether 12:6 and felt the power of the Holy Ghost, she said it was a feeling that made everything that she has learned and questioned all come together and make sense. Miracle #3: She recognized that verse as an answer to her prayers and realized that the Lord has been answering her prayers and guiding her to where she needs to be all along. Miracle #4: She felt prompted to write her experiences and personal testimony that the Lord answers prayers, the Book of Mormon is true, and that this gospel is true and it is for her and her family. Miracle #5: She shared this testimony with us and after she was done we were all in tears. It is such an incredible experience to watch investigators recognize that everything we have promised them as they make and keep their commitments is true. It may not come all at once, it may take awhile but the blessings do come. This is a promise to all of us. We can feel the Lord's love every day as we humble ourselves and are obedient to his commandments, we can feel the clear and peaceful feelings that come from the Holy Ghost. Amanda and Chris are going to be baptized on AUGUST 16TH! I am so excited!!! Transfers are this Sunday, if I get transferred I am hoping I will be able to come back the next weekend for the baptism but if not I know that I have been very blessed to teach Amanda and Chris. My purpose is to help the Lord in this work and I have been able to do so, so whatever happens... whether I get to be at their baptism or not, I am happy.

I LOVE YOU! It makes me so happy to hear all of the fun things that are going on at home. Isaac you are going to do a wonderful job on your talk! And I hope you will sing to me at my birthday party too haha :) Logan you have to write me and tell me all about Italy! XOXOX

Love, Sister Rogers

look how huge that sucker is!

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