Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014

Oh my goodness!! This week has been a week full of so much good. We have had some great things happen and I feel so happy to be apart of it. My most favorite miracle... Amy Brown. So Amy has been living with a less active couple in our ward. She is an old family friend of theirs. When Sister Dunford and I first came to the area we didn't have a car and they live close by so we decided to pay them a visit. That is when we met Amy. And turns out members are coming to get us right now at the family history center... you're gonna kill me ha I'm so sorry my emails haven't been all that great the last couple of weeks... we don't have the car today the Elders stole it from us and we are all playing flag football together at another church building so we are at the mercy of others availability so I'm going to have to tell you all about our miracle with Amy next week!! To be continued hahah. 

I love you!!! 

Oh! And here are some pictures of the pumpkins we made, they are a little outdated but we had a good time and I promised I would send them to you. That is Sister Dunford, not Sister Wilson. I'll send you a picture of her next week. I love her.

Love, Sister Rogers

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