Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 18, 2014

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! :) That was fun getting a package with all of those letters! That was the best part. I am grateful for all of it but I love the letters the most. Those are what make me the most happy. I also really loved the skirt and the necklace, thanks mom!! It was a good day, the members here are so thoughtful.

Sister Wilson and I have been bearing the cold. It's freezing up here and it gets dark around 4:30. I will not miss that at all but it's not too bad. I feel like Glenrose is really picking up! We have met so many wonderful people within the last few weeks and our teaching pool is growing. I want to tell you all about it but I have tons of pictures to send home and just the right amount of time to upload all of them. Forgive me for not writing too much this week. I LOVE YOU!!!

Oh! Baby Thayne is the cutest thing :) Congratulations Aunt Carinne! He looks like a little sweet heart and I'm excited to meet him. 

This gospel is true. And the Spirit will always testify of that as we do those things that are good. 


Love, Sister Rogers

get ready for all of the pictures... hopefully I can get them all in.

1440 - Sister Sachse gave me a crown, wand, and a huge hunk of chocolate for my birthday :) How perfect.

1442 - I dub thee Sister Wilson to be my companion. 

1946 - my birthday cake! it was good

 This is our pet dog Martini. Missionaries aren't supposed to have pets but we live with Sister Sachse so woo! She reminds me of Bella

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