Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

I am in love with all of those videos you guys send me, they make me so happy! I can't believe it is almost time for Logan to leave, I keep forgetting and then I remember oh yeah my brother is leaving for the MTC soon. It's such a weird feeling, but a happy feeling. I'm so excited for him! But gear up Logi, it's an adjustment for sure, a really good adjustment but it can be challenging. You will love it :)

Amy was all ready to come to church yesterday but when we called her to be sure she said she was still in bed sick :( Everyone has been sick here. But she said she will definitely come next week and we are going to make sure of it! She is so great.

Sister Wilson and I were walking down the street the other day and we saw an older couple working outside in their yard. We said hi and they started talking to us. For just a second I thought maybe they were Russian, but it wasn't a Russian accent, we found out they were from Baghdad, Iraq! They were so excited to talk to us. They had huge smiles on their faces and invited us into their home. The wife asked us if we would like anything to drink. We asked for some water and they weren't having it haha the man told us that his wife makes really really good coffee :)  so then we just asked if they might have any juice. She came out with two big glasses of thick red juice, I took a sip and it tasted like cough syrup. I was so scared I was drinking alcohol hahaha I asked really politely what kind of juice it was. She brought out this bottle to show me, that made me even more scared because it totally looked like a wine bottle (can you tell that I've never tasted wine before), but when she set it down it just happened to be this non alcoholic drink from England that had tons of corn syrup in it. It was interesting. She also gave us some Iraqi cookies, those were strange too but you know me, I was happy to be experiencing a different culture so I soaked up the whole experience as untasty as it was. They told us they have been in America for four years. I asked if they missed Iraq at all... they said not at all, they said there is nothing good in Iraq. They told us they are Christian and when they were in Iraq they received a letter that told them if they did not become Muslim they would come and kill them and their family. So they found a way to come to America and are working on becoming citizens. AMERICA is amazing! We have no idea what kind of luxury it is to be in this free country. They couldn't stop complimenting America, they were just so happy to be here and it really touched my heart. He asked us why we were in Spokane and we explained to him that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and told him a little more about the church. They told us they were catholic and asked us what was the difference between Mormons and Catholics. Sister Wilson rocked it... she explained the Book of Mormon to them, bore testimony, and asked if they would read. They said they would! We are going to be bringing them an Arabic copy this week. We sang them a Christmas song and closed with a kneeling prayer and when I finished, tears were in his eyes. They were so happy to have us there and so gracious that we could come and pray with them. I was so thankful to have been given such a cool experience! I have never talked to anyone from Iraq before and I am so excited to go back. 

For Christmas I don't want or need anything at all except for some notes and letters from loved ones and maybe Jakob Grimmius' homemade cookies, he'll know which ones I'm talking about hahaha they are so good and I've been craving them for 15 months darn it. :) But if that isn't possible it's okay because I honestly just love hearing from all of you.

I love you! I hope you guys have a great week, There are a lot of missionaries who think it's bad to say you miss home or say you wish you were doing something besides being on a mission but I don't even care.. I wish I could be at Logan's farewell!!!!!!!!! Good luck Logi :) MERRY CHRISTMAS! Share the gospel everyone, this is such a great time to be doing it. 

Love, Sister Rogers

We helped Holly make some Christmas decorations to give to people.

The Clarks!!! Brother Clark, on the very right, reminds me of Dad.

I have gotten so cute on my mission!

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