Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Okay listen guys. I've been getting beer ads, coffee and tea ads in the mail that are addressed to me. Sister Sachse has been a little worried haha, I have no idea how they have my address... anyone? We all die laughing, joking about it, wondering what is going to come next. They are purchase booklets full of several options. I can buy two kegs for a pretty good price. How ironic. 

Transfers are now haha and it's shocking!!! The sixth ward Elders are taking over our area along with their ward. We had millions of sisters leave this transfer and only 6 new sister missionaries so President had to close down a few areas. I'm pretty bummed, Glenrose was a little slow. Nothing was really happening when I got here two transfers ago and I've tried my very best and things have really just been looking up these last few weeks. It's was really beginning to happen! We have so many great people on our hands that I love so much and are progressing towards baptism and reactivation so I'm a little sad, and SO SAD to not be with Sister Wilson anymore. She's a doll. But you know, the Lord knows all of us more than we know ourselves. He knows our areas, our investigators. And I think it is all going to be good. A weird transfer but good! I'm going to Post Falls, Idaho :) I will be with Sister Ellis. I have no idea who that is but I'm sure she is great. Please don't send anything to the 4607 E 16th address because I will probably never see it! Just send everything to the mission office until I let you know my address. 

Amy came to church yesterday! It was perfect for her, she loves church and is really beginning to love this gospel. She will be a member soon. We started teaching a cute family who is friends with the Gerens in our ward. The Gerens are amazing!!! I love that family and I love the family they have shared with us. Her name is Angela and her kids names are Haley and Hunter. They live in a room. I'm not even kidding. Their house is so small and Angela is just trying to make ends meet. I have been so humbled as I've spent time with those who have very little but are so full of faith in the Lord and a strong love for Him. We have so much to be grateful for. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, I hoped you have shared the He is the Gift video with your friends :) Tis the season. I LOVE YOU!

LOGAN. Have so much fun this first week in the MTC. I was praying for you all day yesterday, I bet your farewell rocked. I wish I could have been there. Just hop on a plane, come support you, and fly on back to Spokane. That would have been awesome! I'm also praying for your new companion. Love them fast! You will be with them for awhile. Your friend, Elder Johnson says hi!

I will let you know about skype next week seeing that we have some changes.

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

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