Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas family and friends :)

I LOVE POST FALLS. It's not as condensed as Glenrose and I feel like I can breathe a little. I will really miss Glenrose though. So much was happening and the people are great! But Post Falls is doing so well and I'm happy to be apart of it. I hope I stay here for the rest of my mission. We live with sweet Penny Wycoff, a southern woman from Louisiana. She lives up on the mountain. We have a beautiful view from our backyard. I'll be sure to send pictures next week! She cooks for us non stop. We have had the best pasta in the world, she made jambalaya, pizza, etc. She just doesn't stop. It's funny haha her son and his family are staying for Christmas and last night he told us that a few years back he moved back in with his mom to help with his sick father and gained 50 lbs. That was a wake up call. I have to tell her she needs to stop but I think she enjoys it and she is such a great cook. She cracks me up too with all of her Southern sayings and strong personality. I love it. I wouldn't want to be living anywhere else. We also have an Elk and Buffalo farm pretty close by so we are able to go feed them little snacks. I have some pictures of that. I don't know if I will have time to attach them today but I will be sure to show you. They are pretty cute and huge. 

Sister Ellis is my new companion, we are nearly the same person. She is from Clarksville, Tennessee. We get along really well and teach together really well. I feel like that is the perfect icebreaker for a new companionship... Just go into a home, teach a lesson, if it goes smoothly and you are on the same page.. you are golden. We have already invited many to be on date for baptism. We were also blessed to plan for a baptism this last Saturday. I wouldn't call it our baptism. His name is Dylan and he was taught by the Elders but they were swept out so we needed to be sure it all went smoothly. It was awesome to be able to be apart of, it makes me so excited and helps me want to be better so I can help more of God's children make that covenant with him. Dylan is 15 and so great. I'm happy to be able to teach him the new member lessons. The youth in this ward are crazy missionaries. They have had so many youth baptisms and they continue to invite non member friends to church and activities. That's how it works.

I'm excited to skype on Christmas!! WOO!!! 

I need to be going but I love you so much! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Love, Sister Rogers

You know what I just realized...I take more pictures of animals than I do of investigators
haha how sad!

New companion, Sister Ellis in my new area, Post Falls, Idaho.

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