Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16
ho ho ho

Hey Family!

Phoebe is back on track! Don't know what I said and I don't know what Sister Workman said but I think we did everything we could to make sure we taught by the Spirit. By the end of our discussion it was all smiles again :) (That wasn't the case when we first came into their home, I was a little scared haha but The Lord helped us out!) They recognized the Spirit and realized that they need to be reading The Book of Mormon and praying about it and understanding will come. I felt so happy when we got home that night. I just laid there in my bed feeling very very grateful for the Lord's help and his willingness to bless us with the Spirit, nothing beats feeling like you were an instrument in The Lord's hands.

Sister Workman and I have been singing to everyone! Some of my most favorite experiences on my mission have been when I am singing to others. The Spirit swoops in like crazy. And it softens some of the hardest hearts :) This Sunday in Sacrament meeting Sister Workman and I are singing O Holy Night for the Christmas program. I am a little nervous but excited too! I love that song, it makes me cry sometimes. I'm a bawl baby out here oh my goodness. I think the Elders are going caroling with us this weekend too, that will be fun! They are so funny haha they make Sister Workman and I laugh hard. I am blessed to have an awesome district. We all got to stay here in Sandpoint for this transfer and I couldn't be happier. There are six of us and we tons of fun doing missionary work together. The last couple of Saturdays we have done blitzes where we all get together and go tracting in each companionship's area. Each of them are hard working missionaries who are happy to be serving The Lord. They are good examples to me.

Mom! I haven't had a chance to read your email yet, I am going to print it and read it later on today. But I did get a chance to see the pictures. The little Dominican Republic babies are so cute! I hope you had a blast! I bet you did. I am happy you got to have that opportunity!

All of my cousins are getting married oh my goodness! SARA, KATIE, AND ALLISON! I can't believe it haha it blows my mind but I am so happy for each of them! They are all going to be beautiful brides. 

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week getting ready for Christmas! Christmas time is fun in Sandpoint. They have Christmas lights wrapped around every tree I swear. It's beautiful! Sister Workman and I are going to the nutcracker tonight with the Will's, one of my favorite families in the ward. They love us :) hahaha we are going to invite millions to be baptized while we are there. LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Rogers

FOR CHRISTMAS!! I will be skyping at The Bell's and plan on me calling you around 7:00 pm your time so Mom can get her work hours in! Does that time work for you? Let me know. I gave Sister Bell your number mom so she will be giving you a call this week to figure things out. Where are you all skyping? Do we even have Skype?
I am so excited! I love you MUWAHH
check out that baby! It took me a couple of shots. Gotta love God's creations

found these at a vintage shop. I think they make me look pretty dang smart

The Bell's! They had us over for dinner and we had a white elephant game! I love these guys so much! 

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