Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9

This last week has been great even though Sister Workman and I have had a couple of bumps in our missionary work. Satan is real and he is so annoying. We taught Phoebe the law of chastity and during the lesson she asked more about our beliefs on homosexuality because she has friends that are gay and she was concerned. She asked us some valid questions. Sister Workman and I explained to her that everyone is a child of God. Heavenly Father loves all of His children and we need to be loving as well. We taught her that as men and women we have divine potential and homosexual relationships are contrary to our Heavenly Father's plan for His children, however, we have a Savior who made a sacrifice. He knows how each of us feel. Through Him we can be strengthened, we can receive help to overcome trials, challenges, and temptations whatever they may be. A couple of days later Phoebe texted us and said that she doesn't think organized religion is for her and she doesn't want to be baptized. She told us that our beliefs about homosexuality is what caused her to change her mind. I have never felt so discouraged on my mission than I did in that moment. I quickly remembered a part in Preach My Gospel that says "do not let others agency cause your faith to become weak". Sister Workman and I held tight to that statement. We know we did everything we could to teach Phoebe simply and by the Spirit. She has felt the Spirit in the past testifying to her that the gospel is true and that it will make her happy. We decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father how to go about the situation. After we prayed we decided we should try and meet with her one more time. We felt we needed to leave her with our testimonies and also help her to recognize those past experiences where she did feel the Holy Ghost. We texted her back and she agreed. We are meeting with her tomorrow and we are praying our hearts out that The Lord will prepare her and that her heart will be softened. I will let you know what happens! Despite this set back, we have seen so many miracles! We are having success in Sandpoint and I feel so blessed to be apart of it. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for his help and his love. <3

I love you all so much! Mom and Dad, I will let you know more about what is going on with Christmas in the next week or two. Stay safe!

Love, Sister Rogers

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