Tuesday, February 11, 2014


February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Day :) This week was another wonderful week and every time I get on the computers to email, I realize how blessed I really am to be a missionary and to have the gospel in my life. I treated myself to some lovely snow boots the other day... I couldn't take it anymore! It has been below freezing temperatures with wind and tons of snow on the ground. I am not a huge snow boot fan especially paired with a skirt but it got to a point where I stopped caring about looking cute. And my toes are so grateful. Sister Medsker and I were together on exchanges the other day here in Sandpoint and we decided that even though it was incredibly freezing we were going to hop out of our warm car and talk to everyone we saw. I could feel that the Lord was pleased with us as we did our best and endured the freezing temperatures. You know what is really cool is somehow on a day where hardly anyone was out, we were blessed with so many miracles! I was bubbling over with joy when we came home that evening. Sister Workman and Sister Becraft had miracles too! Together we found tons of new investigators for our area and had quality lessons with our investigators and inactive that were filled with the Spirit. Tomorrow we are going to Libby for another exchange, I am so excited. That drive is beautiful and I am all about beautiful scenery. This drive is Montana at its prime. The Montana you see on the tourist commercials. The people are crazy there so it should be fun.

Sister Workman and I have felt a lot of improvement in our area this transfer. Our investigators are moving closer and closer to baptism. Yesterday we had a wonderful lesson with Sean Foley. The Lord was definitely helping us and we were able to teach solely by the Spirit to address his needs and help him understand what he needs to do to take the next step. Those lessons are thee best. It felt like we made a break through. Those things that Sean has been struggling with in the past couple of weeks seemed to click in his head and make sense to him. He said he has a desire to be a member of this church but he hasn't yet felt a confirmation from the Spirit that it is what he should do. Sister Workman and I have been praying hard for Sean and I know that in the Lord's time, Sean will receive that spiritual witness and we will be able to see him be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I hope it is so so soon!

I love you! Have a fun Valentines Day <3

Love, Sister Rogers

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