Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 18, 2014

Dearest Family,

I hope all is well! The sun has been shining in Sandpoint and I am grateful. Except for yesterday it decided not to shine but rain and hail instead... the day our district planned to set up a free hot chocolate stand on main street. No one was stopping for some of our delicious, FREE, full of the gospel hot chocolate. We thought for sure we were going to talk to about 200 people hahah it ended up being like 11. But that is okay! We had a blast :) and everyone who looked at us as they walked by or drove by felt the spirit. Those who actually stopped and listened to what we had to say will someday get baptized and realize that they made the best decision ever to treat themselves to some free hot chocolate and eternal salvation. I think one of the Elders is sending a picture to your email mom, he can't send it to me, let me know if you get it and forward it to this email! I want to see :) 

Our investigators are wonderful. Sean Foley is doing awesome! Tomorrow he wants to have a fast with us, we are excited. Fasting is pretty powerful and I am praying that this helps Sean to recognize the Spirit telling him that he needs to be baptized.

We have found some new investigators over the last couple of weeks and there is one that I am so excited about! His name is Jovani. Jovani is from Mexico, he recently moved here from Arizona. We met him through Brother Cartwright a couple of months ago during Christmas time (Jovani is working for Brother Cartwright). They had invited him over for dinner and Sister Workman and I had stopped by to sing a Christmas hymn. Jovani was sweet and smiled as we sang but at the time he didn't seem very interested. We did not get any contact information from him but he continued to remain on our minds and we would occasionally ask Brother Cartwright how he was doing. The other day we were driving to an appointment and saw someone standing at a bus stop. We pulled our car over to the side of the road and as we walked up towards him we recognized that it was Jovani! He was so kind and listened as we shared our testimonies with him. He said some things to us that were a little difficult to understand but we were able to leave him with our number and he gave us his address! A few days later he texted us and told us he would like to meet with us! It was a miracle, we were so excited. Brother Strock, a super cool member who served in a Spanish speaking mission, offered to pick Jovani up and have a lesson at his home. Our lesson was last night and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Brother Strock was able to translate for us and we were able to learn more about Jovani and understand the things that he was struggling with. He mentioned that he has very few people in his life and feels lonely. He doesn't have any family here and there are maybe 2 hispanics that live in all of Sandpoint, I've only met two so far. This town is full of white people. He said in order to deal with his loneliness he draws because it helps him to not go crazy :) He wants to make more friends and feel connected with others. As we conversed with him and listened to him, Sister Workman and I shared the message of the Atonement and how the Savior knows exactly how he is feeling. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, he can find greater peace and happiness. He can develop strong relationships with others and meet people who will accept him and love him in the Church. As Brother Strock would speak Spanish to him and share with him the things we were teaching, Jovani would get a hug smile on his face, it made me so happy. The lesson we shared was simple but the Spirit was incredibly strong! A majority of our lesson was spent listening to them speak Spanish back and forth but the feeling in the room was powerful and I felt so much joy. That experience strengthened my testimony. I did not understand what was being said but it was so obvious that the Spirit was present. It felt good to not worry about words but to rely completely on the feelings and promptings I was receiving. Jovani committed to come to church when his work schedule will allow him. I want so badly for him to come and feel the joy of the gospel. He is such a sweet kid and full of humility, he is prepared! We are working on getting him a Book of Mormon in Spanish so he can start reading it.

I feel very blessed to be having experiences like this on my mission. I love those moments when it is clear that the Spirit is present and you know the person you are teaching can feel it. I love feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for each of his children. Through the Savior, we can find true peace and happiness. We can feel contentment and confidence in our lives. It is through his Atonement that we can receive direct help to overcome the challenges of life and our personal struggles. Trust in the Lord and all things will work together for your good. I LOVE YOU! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! 

Thank you Dad for the work out routines :) I did some this morning! I also received your package mom with my cousins gifts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GIRLS! All of it made me cry hahaha I felt a little homesick looking at all of those pictures but I got over it quick. It meant so much to me so thank you! I love you!

I am thinking about all of you and I continue to pray for you!

Love, Sister Rogers

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