Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 27, 2014
5 Months!
I have been out for 5 months! That is a little nuts but at the same time it feels like it has been a year since I have seen everyone! I have had a wonderful week. Sister Workman played a beautiful piano piece in sacrament meeting yesterday so this last week we have been inviting millions of people to come to church with us. We had 5 investigators come! Judy, the one who believes that God is everything... good and bad, that there is no hell or Satan, she came! She is the sweetest and I hope and pray that she felt the spirit. She is reading the Book of Mormon so we are continuing to meet with her. She is a a tough cookie but she said that if she feels being a mormon is the way to go then she would do it so we are encouraging her to continue reading with real intent. She cries a lot when we come over and teach her, show her mormon messages, read with her, we even had her watch President Monson's last conference talk with us and it made her happy! She was beaming with tears in her eyes when he ended. She is feeling the spirit, she just doesn't know it yet :) Amanda came to church too! I love her. She is so wonderful and I have high high hopes for her. She is on date to be baptized March 1st! We also had a woman named Janie come that we met the other day. She is an adorable older woman who is so loving and sweet. She has a cute smile :) almost all of her teeth are missing, that is pretty typical here. She said her name is on our records when we introduced ourselves so we are really happy to have found her! She is less active so it was a treat to see her show up yesterday.

A couple of people fell into our laps this last week :) Ben, a boy in our ward grabbed us after sacrament meeting and asked if we could give his friend a church tour sometime that evening. Of course we said yes and it was a great experience. Her name is Danielle. She is 17 years old and she is prepared. We put her on date for February 15th :) She said she is going to try her darn hardest to be prepared by that date. Whether it is the 15th or later, I just feel blessed and grateful for the miracles Heavenly Father has given us here in Sandpoint. We may not be getting hundreds of baptisms but I know this area will get to that point some day. I am learning so much and having so much fun! My testimony of the gospel has grown incredibly.

Sister Workman and I have been together almost 4 months! Time flies! She is probably getting tired of me... I am such a dork and she gets to be with me 24/7 :) Poor thing. Lately I have been scaring her. I can't help it haha she is so easy to scare. I wait around the corner until she comes out of the kitchen or opens the bathroom door and the faces she makes and the screams she lets out are the best! We have had some pretty funny moments together. I didn't tell you about the time I fell into the ditch! We were out Christmas caroling one night with the Elders and when we got to one of the houses Sister Workman pulled the car up in front to park. The Elders car was parked perpendicular to ours facing my side. They started getting out when we arrived so I opened my door and took one step out and before I knew it I was turned over in a ditch with my legs flailing in the air. It was so dark we didn't notice there was a BIG hole right there by my car door. Oh my goodness haha it was the worst. The Elders saw the whole thing. I was like a little beetle on it's back. I was struggling to get into a position that would allow me to get back up on my feet. Luckily I had dark leggings on because my skirt was up to my face. Sister Workman ran over and tried to hoist me up the best she could but she slipped right into the muddy ditch with me, we were side by side. The whole time we were laughing so hard and the poor Elders were stressing and tried to help the best they could haha they weren't sure how to help because you don't touch girls on your mission. So finally we were able to help each other up and it was just all around an embarrassing and priceless moment. Sister Workman and I laughed our heads off all the way to the next house. I wish I had it on video to show you.

Anyways haha I have had some fun times here in good old Sandpoint and I am happy to have had every one, even the embarrassing ones. Next week I will be emailing on Tuesday! We are going to the temple. I LOVE YOU.

Love, Sister Adrienne Rogers

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