Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

This last week has been great, the transition from Sandpoint to Deer Park has been a piece of cake. I love Deer Park so much already and all the people in it. Like I said, our ward is full of older people and they make me happy. They say the darnest things haha they crack Sister Fuller and I up and we love being able to spend time with them. Plus they are ON FIRE! I have never received so many referrals over the course of my missionary life as I have in the last week. We already have over 20 referrals to go contact and the coolest thing is we don't even have to ask our members for them, they just flat out say the names, it's great. Our Ward Mission Leader is pretty wonderful. He is a true cowboy that loves to ski haha he and his wife go every single day it feels like. And Sister Fuller is the best, we are the same person I swear. We decided we are going to find the most success through referrals and part member families because street contacting and tracting isn't very productive in Deer Park. Houses are miles apart. So we are excited! We have already seen so many blessings. Here is the story I was going to tell you about our new investigators...

Our second or third day here Sister Fuller and I went over to Brother and Sister Alexander's home for lunch. After lunch we were sharing a message with them and Sister Alexander began to tell us about a friend from her sewing group that she had talked to about the gospel. She told us she lives right up the road and her husband told her to give her a call and see if we could come over right then and meet her. Sister Fuller and I were impressed haha and excited. Sister Alexander called her up and Patricia said we could come over! She was such a sweetheart and was so willing to allow us to come into her home so last minute. We all sat around her big kitchen counter and talked to her and her 18 year old daughter, Caylee. They shared concerns they had and questions that led to us sharing the the Plan of Salvation with them. They were excited about it and committed to read the Book of Mormon. We set up a return appointment with them for two days later and when we had come back Patricia had invited one of her neighbors, Denice, to join us! We taught the Restoration and invited all three of them to be baptized. Patricia and Caylee were a bit hesitant but Denice said with a cute smile on her face, "I've been wanting to get baptized for awhile." I was so good to hear her say that! They all agreed to continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We were pumped! We haven't had a chance to see either of them this last week, they are all busy working in Spokane and they live far out in the boonies, but we continue to pray our little hearts out for them and we are going to do our best to see them this week! 

Fun little fact from me to you... I go to bed every night listening to the coyotes howl right outside my window. At first it was creepy but I've gotten used to it and I actually kind of like it now hahah I'm so weird.

Oh! And President said I might be able to go to Sean Foley's baptism in Sandpoint this Saturday! How cool is that?

I love you so much. This gospel is true. I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers. He is fully aware of the concerns that we have. I know that once we toss our worry to the side and exercise even a particle of faith in Him, we will be blessed with great comfort and a surety that he loves us and wants to help us.

I hope you have a lovely week!
Love, Sister Rogers

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