Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

We got a monk to sacrament meeting yesterday! His name is Giovanni but we call him Gio. He is so awesome! Sister Fuller and I were driving in the country to try and catch Sister Peterson, a less active, and instead we got Gio. He is staying there because Sister Peterson is living in Arizona right now and wanted someone to watch her house. He told us right away that he is a Catholic monk, he used to live in a monastery but no longer lives the rigorous lifestyle. How he ended up in Deer Park, I have no idea. He has a lot of similar beliefs and views as members of the church but he is huge on reincarnation, I am not sure where he developed that belief. I thought that was a Buddhist belief not Catholic but hey what do I know? Either way, the Spirit will tweek that :) He came to all three meetings yesterday and really enjoyed himself. Our members are awesome! They fellowshipped him like crazy. I know he felt loved and welcomed. The Spirit was strong in our Gospel Principles class too, he joined in on the discussion and had some really great things to say. He said he will be at stake conference next week! We are excited! I hear Catholics make the best Mormons.

We have found some other promising investigators too! A recent convert, Sister Gooch is living with her brother right now, and asked if we could come over and teach them. Jim, her brother, is incredible. The second we sat down he started going off about how he wants to make sure he is prepared and ready for baptism, we hadn't even invited him yet. I wanted to cry I was so happy. We have an appointment with them tomorrow. The Lord is preparing people everywhere, it is so cool to be apart of it. I have such high hopes for Deer Park. Pray for Gio and Jim! 

Sean Foley was BAPTIZED!!! President said it was too far way for me to attend but it's okay, I am just so happy. Can you believe it? He is a member. And I know he is going to be a great one. It is such a great feeling. I feel very very blessed. I need to remember all these great miracles especially when it feels like people say no to the gospel all the time, that can get a little rough. I need to remember that people have their agency and we are planting seeds.

I am a bingo professional now. I know all the lingo... what a flimsy vs. hard card is, sputnik bingo, postage stamp, 3 corners, etc. We volunteered at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles the other day and we were asked to be the bingo girls, when someone shouts BINGO we run over and call out the numbers to make sure it's valid and hand them their prizes. It's pretty fun. The money they pay for their cards goes towards charity and tons of people see our name tags so that's good. The people are so sweet too. And a majority of them are old haha I think that is the general population in Deer Park. Old people are the funniest by far! They are good at making me laugh so I absolutely love it.

The weather has been beautiful. I attached some pictures of a sunset and sunrise! I about died when I saw them.

I LOVE YOU! I hope you have a great week.

Love, Sister Rogers 

This is our backyard. Sister Fuller and I had to stop our morning work out and run outside to take a picture it was too pretty

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