Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Another fun week in Deer Park! I feel blessed to be working with so many wonderful people, non members and members. Jim, Sister Gooch's brother, came to church yesterday. It was testimony meeting. In the middle of the meeting we had heard a few testimonies and all the sudden Jim stood up, walked up to the pulpit, and shared a rockin testimony with everyone! WHAT!? Sister Fuller and I were beaming hahah. It was wonderful to see him up there telling others that he knows this will bring him happiness. He had a good time yesterday, I know he felt loved and comfortable. Our ward is always welcoming of our investigators.They reach out and let them know they are loved. They are wonderful missionaries too! We received 26 referrals last week! That is nuts. We are excited to contact them all, it might take a little while but it will be good! 

Sister Fuller is way fun, she is from Austin, Texas but she doesn't have an accent. People are always giving her a hard time for that haha. We are really similar. We love a lot of the same things, and laugh at the same things, and have similar ideas so it works out pretty well! Sometimes it might not be the best thing hah but we are having a blast and doing our best. I hope we get to stay together for another transfer at least. 

This last week we went to do service for Sister Haney and her less active husband on their farm. It was nice to wear my jeans!!! She has 25 sheep and 20 little lambs. While one of us helped Sister Haney grab each 165 pound sheep and flip them over on their bums and hold them between our legs while she trimmed their hooves, the other missionary got to play with and hold all the baby lambs (so they get used to people). And then we would trade off. You better believe I am a mutton wrestler now. They are hard to catch but after a couple of sheep I had it down. My hand fell in some sheep poop once and I get wacked in the head a few times as I flipped them over on their bums but holding the little lambs made it all so worth it. I was in heaven. They are soooo cute. We are going again soon so I will have to take some pictures for you or take a video of me doing it or something.

The Relief Society Broadcast was the best! I am happy to hear you and Sadie got to go mom :) The Spirit wasstrong. Those videos they show always get me. And listening to all the primary girls sing primary songs made me get teary eyed. I was thinking about you and Sadie the whole time and how blessed each of us are to have this gospel in our lives. It is so cool to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am excited to go with you both next year, that will be fun :) General Conference is coming up. Let me know what your favorite talks were! And I am very glad to hear that Alyssa is doing alright, she is a wild one haha it seems like she has gotten hurt more than any of us! Those guardian angels are doing their job :) LOVE YOU ALYSSA! 

I love you all so much.

Love, Sister Rogers

Sister Fuller! We went bowling with all the Elders, don't worry mom I had boots on that day that covered those socks. All the missionaries thought I was pretty cool.

All the animals love me. He was HUGE. The picture doesn't do him justice.

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