Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014


How is everyone doing! My sweet cousin Katie is getting married this week, it's so weird to be having everyone getting married but it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Of course I think that would be awesome if I could just hop on a plane and come spend the big day with everyone and then come right back but I know I am right where I need to be. And my cousins just need to promise me that they we will hangout with me every once in a while when I get home hahah :) JIM BROCK WILL BE BAPTIZED MAY 3rd. What a great day that will be. I want to cry just thinkin about it, he is worthy of it and he is ready. Our ward has made such wonderful contributions to make sure it is a special day for him. Yesterday I spoke in sacrament meeting on Christ coming to the Americas. When the Savior appears to the people of Nephi he first tells them of His Atonement and then of all things he could of addressed, he begins to talk about baptism. I think we forget sometimes how wonderful baptism truly is and just how important it is to our Heavenly Father. We all know it is a saving ordinance where all of our sins are washed away and we are able to receive the Holy Ghost, but we are human and we forget what a great blessing it is to make this covenant and commitment with God. As we keep our promise to Him to remember the Savior and keep His commandments, He promises us to have the Spirit to be with us. When we have the Spirit we are full of joy, patience, confidence, motivation, strength, trust, we are worry free (that's one of my favorite ones), charitable... the list goes on. How cool that I get to be apart of Jim's baptism. 

We have been doing a lot of street contacting lately, our President really wants us to push finding new investigators. We have found some pretty great people and weird people too, I don't think I will be scared to talk to anyone when I get home. Yesterday we didn't get to talk to anyone because guess what. I'm mad. It snowed! It's almost May! I woke up and said ARE YOU KIDDING ME. There was white all over. But this upcoming week it's supposed to be up to the 70's so I can't complain. Hopefully it warms up today, we are going on a hike up in Colville about an hour away with our zone so that should be fun. And then tonight the Goldades, a couple in our ward, is taking us out for some THAI FOOD. I have been craving Thai food and Indian food oh my goodness. 8 months so far without it ha I am really happy.

I LOVE YOU! I attached some pictures. God sent me to the right mission for many reasons but one of them is I get to see baby animals all the time. I am in heaven.

Love, Sister Rogers
Our Easter picture, we originally wanted to take one with us sitting on our tractor outside but we put it off and it got too dark outside. Are my cheeks chubbier?? Or have they always been that chubby haha I can't tell

Look at this little guy!!! There are baby ponies all over, he was so so little. He probably came up to a little above my knees. I was dying. I wanted to stay and watch him all day.

the snow...
a less active family had kittens all over! They were so cute, I wish they stayed kittens forever

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