Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014

Well the temple would have been wonderful this morning! Except I woke up in the middle of the night and started puking my brains out. Ugh being sick on a mission is the worst haha it's been a rough morning but I am starting to feel much much better. I have to be honest I was just wishing so bad in the moment that I could have been laying on my couch at home watching TV to help time go by quicker. But I found a solution. I ended up watching like 4 church dvds that were in our apartment. Some of them are so cheesy but they did the trick. You can't even compare the Finding Faith in Christ video to the Bible videos that are on the church's website. The Bible videos are just way too good. Jesus doesn't look like he just came out of a salon. Speaking of the bible videos, have you had a chance to watch "Because of Him"? I LOVE IT. One of my favorite mormon messages. I get pounded with the spirit every time. Watch it if you haven't had the chance! We shared it with everyone at Jim's baptism this last weekend! It made some of the non members cry :) Woo hoo! Jim's baptism was awesome! He was so excited. There were so many people there supporting him, I was so so happy for the guy. When Sister Fuller and I asked him how he felt afterwards, his response was, "I feel empowered. I don't feel alone anymore." :) MISSIONARY WORK. LOVE IT. When I think about the people we teach and baptize, I quickly remind myself of the magnitude of this calling... we are helping them to have the opportunity to inherit the celestial kingdom and be with their Heavenly Father again. That's huge. Jim is able to do that now :) 

Amanda, the lady Jim invited to church a couple weeks ago, asked to meet with us! We had our first meeting with her and her husband yesterday! It was awesome! She recently had a baby and really wants to attend a church as a family. She mentioned to us that she has been praying hard for guidance and direction and she feels that possibly Jim's invitation is an answer to her prayers. She was raised Catholic and has a some very interesting concerns so this should be fun. One of them was infant baptism. She feels her baby needs to be baptized and is worried about the fact that we do not baptize babies. She wanted to know why... I turned to Moroni 8 and began sharing some scriptures with her. I forgot how bold they were hahaha, you know me.. don't want to step on anyone's toes, I was a little nervous what her reaction was going to be. But when we were done reading she didn't seem upset or angry she just told us it makes sense that babies wouldn't have any sin. Exactly! They are too perfect and sweet. Chris, her husband, is really easy going and quiet. I am not sure if he is completely on board but I have faith that the Spirit will touch his heart. 

I am so excited to talk with you this Sunday! It is going to be wonderful :) I love all of you! Have a great week.

I have some pictures to send you from Jim's baptism but the computer is having some issues right now so I will be sure to send them next week.

Love, Sister Rogers

Because of Him Video

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