Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dearest Family and Friends,

I was so so happy to receive a thick letter in the mail with tons of sweet notes from warm river! It was such a lovely surprise, truly. Letters are therapeutic for missionaries haha they make everything good. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I also appreciate the emails and encouraging words. MAKENZIE MILNER IS ENGAGED. I saw it coming hahah I like to think that me telling her not to get married until I get home was going to work but who was I kidding. I am happy for her :) I never thought I wouldn't be at any of their weddings but I know the Lord will bless me for it. I guess I will have to start making actual friends now when I get home! I have been blessed with so many friends on my mission... especially my companions. The Lord has given me wonderful companions and I could not thank him enough - SISTER FULLER! - all of your friends are married, all of mine are married, we need to live together at BYU like we talked about :) That would be so fun. Congratulations Makenzie XOXOXO! 

Everything has somewhat cleared up from the prior week. Keep praying for Jim, the poor guy... the adversary is working on him so hard. It makes me mad. Satan is powerful. That is why diligent scripture study, sincere prayer, church attendance, faith/hope/charity, is SO important. When you are striving to do all of those things with a willing heart, everything else falls into place and you are strengthened. I know Jim is doing the best he can and I am proud of him but man oh man, it is stressful when you can only do so much to help these people. But prayer works and I feel blessed to be receiving the help of the Lord. I received a sweet answer to my prayers this last week, the less active woman I was talking about decided she loved me again hahaha. Phew! I was getting to the point where I was over it but to have her make it clear that she was not upset was like a big cherry on top. You know me. 

Sister Huntsman and I have met this wonderful family. The father was baptized a few years ago in Redding, California. His crazy life kind of took over and he fell away from the church a couple years back and hasn't been back to an LDS service since. He has a cute wife and daughter who are so sincere in wanting to learn more about the gospel. They have been through a lot and it isn't hard to recognize how humble they truly are and the sincere desire they have for greater faith and happiness in their life. I am praying that they recognize that our message is the perfect thing for their family because that is what God made it to be. James, the father, attended church yesterday!!! His wife was a little hesitant and the daughter just had surgery this last week so they didn't make it but we will get em next time! We have a lesson with them tomorrow and I am so excited. It is refreshing to find those who are teachable and willing to learn. Through this little experience of finding this family, I have gained a stronger testimony of the promptings of the Spirit and how crucial it is to follow those promptings. This family lives next to a less active in our ward who we teach often and every now and then I would see the dad or the daughter or the mom outside and I always felt a desire to go knock on their doors. I had been gettings these feelings for the last month or so and it wasn't until recently that we acted on it. I am now kicking myself wishing I would have acted on that prompting the moment it came. I look back and realize how subtle it was and how easy it was for me to tuck it under a rug for awhile but you better believe I am going to be paying more attention to the still small voice. Who would of thought he would be a member from the church!!? Part member families are wonderful and I am excited to be teaching them.

Amanda and Chris are progressing and doing well. The change in Chris is so cool to watch, they are in Jacob right now in the Book of Mormon! Music to my ears when she told me! I love them so much.

I love you all and I hope you continue to have a beautiful summer. I am overwhelmed with the love I feel from my Heavenly Father as I take the time everyday to realize how incredibly blessed I am to have the family and loved ones that I do. You are my greatest blessing!

Love, Sister Rogers

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