Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hello there :)

This is going to be a brief email. I think I have said that before in the past and my emails turn out to be pretty long but I'm pretty sure this one is going to be short. I will write more next week! (I am going to the temple next Tuesday). I can't believe how fast time is flying! It is starting to freak me out and I'm beginning to think I need to make sure I am soaking up every bit of it as best as I can.

I don't think I ever told you about Sierra! Or maybe I have haha honestly I don't know what I have and haven't told you but when I get home I can fill in the blanks :) Sierra is AWESOME! Sister Huntsman and I found her a couple months ago and have recently began teaching her the lessons. She has a humble and sincere desire to learn and asks us questions and keeps the commitments we leave with her. Our lessons with her are powerful and it is so refreshing to meet someone who can recognize the Spirit. A couple days ago we were teaching her about prophets and mentioned that Adam was the first prophet. She started talking about Adam and the Fall and how Eve sinned against the Lord and I just thought to myself.. oh great here we go.. haha because most people view the Fall as a negative thing. And then she stopped and after a bit of silence she said, ".. but, in a way I feel grateful that they did that, so I can learn and grow." SHE GETS IT! Woo hoo, the Spirit. It is so amazing. We then had a chance to read a little from 2 Nephi 2 with her and the importance and significance of the fall. It was awesome and the Spirit was strong. I will let you know more about Sierra in the future. 

Amanda and Chris are still working towards August 9 for baptism. Chris is in the national guard and might be going to help fight the wildfires and could be gone for awhile.. that would hinder the date a little bit. I am praying praying praying that if it is the Lord's will he won't have to go so we can continue to teach them and help them reach their goal!!!


Love, Sister Rogers

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