Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

LOGAN!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! ARGENTINA. You are going to be perfect for Argentina and it's going to be perfect for you. Thank you for sending me a video, it made me feel like I was there with everyone. It's such a surreal experience huh. I remember feeling like I was going to throw up too. I've forgiven you for switching my calls, I laugh about it now :) Spanish woo hoo! I have a new love for that language, in fact I have another exchange this upcoming week with the Spanish sisters and I couldn't be more excited. You are going to have such an adventure! I just feel so happy and so proud of you. I'm excited to write you letters and send you packages haha I'll have your back Logi every step of the way! Prepare, prepare, prepare. That's all I got to say. Scriptures/Preach My Gospel, prayer, temple. Before you know it we will see each other again, time flies so soak it up the best you can!

I'm happy Brother Whittle was able to drop off all that stuff to you. They are the greatest family! I love the Whittles with all my heart. They are a huge support to us and the missionary work. Deer Park is thriving! One of my investigators, Don Temples was baptized yesterday! And Sarah Winkfield is on date for November 7. I feel grateful to be in touch with my previous areas and watch them grow. Sister Dunford and I are doing our very best to find new people to teach, we are spending a good bit of our time in members homes teaching them lessons and helping them with their missionary efforts. It's getting there! We took Mario, one of our investigators, to a baptism the other night that the Elders were having. The Spirit was great and I hope Mario was able to feel it. I honestly don't know how he couldn't. I think he is going to be one of those eternigators. But you never know! He says our church feels like a business. In a way I can see what he is saying.. God is a god of order Mario. We love him and he is going to get there.

About all those things I sent you, they are kind of miscellaneous. I wanted to try and send as much stuff home that I could so my luggage isn't super heavy. The binder has letters and things, feel free to read them if you would like, they are fun :) I have some more with me that I will bring home. I also sent one of our family history books. I can never find the time to get to it and it's a little heavy so I figured I will just read it when I get home. The kendema ball (or however you spell it) is for all of you! I bought it in Sandpoint. Every kid on the block in Sandpoint has those, they are addicting! I can totally see Isaac getting into it. I will probably be trying to send some more stuff home here in a couple transfers. I don't want to pay extra money for luggage.

My mailing address is

4607 E. 16th Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA

I will probably be here next transfer but who really knows. So just be aware to not send anything to that address the last week of October. You can send anything to the mission office that week and I can grab it down there.


Love, Sister Rogers

This is my zone <3 we have a lot of Polynesians

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