Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 28


This is going to be quick, we just got out of the temple so we decided to hit up the family history center across the street and start emailing, we have a member coming to get us soon so I can't be long. 

We had the primary program on Sunday :) I love those. They make me laugh. Best part was we were able to help 4 of our investigators get to church WOO WOO! One of them we happened to contact on the street earlier that day and invite her and she was all for it. She is a little interesting though. The perfect person who fits the description of Alma 41:11. She has some ideas that are very contrary to the nature of God. But we still love her. I think she is up and leaving to Missouri so hopefully we planted a seed in her sweet heart.

Miracle that I have been blessed to witness... Mario was never taught how to read. He was at the level of a 5 year old. Since we have been teaching him and reading the scriptures with him he has improved tremendously and he is understanding principles quite well. We had an amazing lesson with him yesterday, he read a few scriptures for us and I was blown away. I'm amazed, it makes me so happy. The blessings of the gospel come in all different shapes and sizes. 

We decorated some pumpkins and they turned out great! I love this time of year, I will send them to you so you can see them mom. But it won't be until next week, they are on another sister's camera.

Love YOU!!

Love, Sister Rogers

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