Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Wellll another transfer done and gone. These 6 weeks fly so fast it's ridiculous. I am starting to feel twinges of home sickness for the mission which is weird I know cause I'm here but I really am going to miss it so much. I remember when I first came out and all I could think to myself was... I don't think I can do this for 18 more months. Then I blinked and now I'm here and I've loved every minute! Even the ugly times

Transfer calls were surprising! I will be staying in Glenrose! I'm pretty excited about that, we have had some break through moments lately. It's getting good! Mario is progressing wonderfully and we put another one of our investigators Rachael on date yesterday! Woo hoo! We have many new investigators just kind of floating at the moment. A couple of them we will be meeting with this week so I'm crossing my fingers for some who will muster up the courage to change their lives and keep commitments. Sister Dunford is being transferred (didn't see that one coming), she is headed over to West Spokane and will finish her training with another sister. Sister Dunford has taught me a lot. One being COMMUNICATION. Not necessarily because she communicated but because she struggled to communicate or sometimes she was just too stubborn to communicate and it made things rough at times. It made me realize how crucial it is to talk things out and be honest with how you're feeling. I absolutely hate having to walk on eggshells or always be wondering what's going on inside my companions head. They aren't kidding when they say communication is so big in marriage. I will never marry someone like Sister Dunford. Ever. But we have been getting along quite well lately and it has been smoother sailing these last few weeks so I'm grateful. I hope I was able to help her in some way. She is going to be a great missionary. A powerful, bold missionary. I'm not too positive who my new companion will be, it's a sweet new missionary from the MTC. We went "fear busting" today, the new missionaries got off the plane and were driven straight to downtown, we got paired up with one of them and took them out to the wonderful people of Spokane so they could break their nerves a little bit by sharing the gospel right from the get go. So I was able to meet all the new sisters and I would be happy to train any of them! We will see, I will let you know who it is! 

Mom, thank you for sending me those caramel apples and DILLY BEANS!!!! Oh man, that was the greatest. I've already eaten a jar. Yum yum, I tried to share with Sister Dunford but she didn't want any haha more for me!

I have gotten some photos, the last ones I got was the email with Kallen and Rowan and the one of Sadie and Estee. I didn't get to see the one of Sadie or of Dad in his pirate costume.. you've got to send that to me. I want to see it!! I bet he looks great. Did you get pictures of Isaac too? Logan has a quite a nice picture of his costume haha what a punk :)

I love you all so much. XOXO

Love, Sister Rogers

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