Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015
I'm staying in Post Falls, Idaho with Sister Ellis! It's so crazy to think this is my last transfer on the mission> I'll be seeing your faces before we know it, it feels surreal! I have such a huge desire to work hard and help this area as much as I can before I leave, it's weird though cause I can definitely feel myself preparing for home and making little plans in my head, President told me it was okay to do that haha so I'm just going with it. Thankfully I do feel focused and I feel just so blessed to be having this experience. I'm really happy to be staying in Post Falls, there are so many great people here and a few investigators that I would have been sad to leave. One of them, John Lamothe, is amazing! He has had some rough experiences in the past and has a desire to better himself and to come closer to God. He is so humble and has such an amazing understanding of the Atonement. We sat there for thirty minutes just talking about the Savior and what's possible because of Him, it was such a good discussion, the Spirit was thick. He has a catholic back round so there are some interesting views he has. He told us that they don't worship the Virgin Mary but they pray to her because they don't want to ask too much of God but if they really need something they ask Mary to ask her Son for them because He won't say no to her. It was really interesting. We are trying to help John realized that he has a very loving Heavenly Father who has asked us to pray to Him always and that it is only through prayer to our Heavenly Father that he can come to know these things are true. I think it's sad that some are taught to feel that they can't speak to God anytime they want to because they might bother him or because they are not worthy to do so. John's understanding of this gospel is growing though and his countenance is changing more and more. He came to church yesterday and loved it! He said he will be baptized but told us it is going to take time so we'll see!

GALEXI WAS BAPTIZED! What a little cutie. She was so excited! She invited so many people to attend, there were a lot of non members there and I know they felt the Spirit. While Galexi was changing Sister Ellis and I bore our testimonies and I couldn't hold the tears in haha it has been the coolest experience teaching a little investigator. I'm excited to teach her and her family some more.

Sister Ellis and I were able to go and do baptisms at the temple this last week with our recent convert, Dylan. He spells it wrong haha I tell him that all the time. He has no idea what I'm talking about. He is such an awesome kid though! It was so great being able to go to the temple with him and perform those ordinances, it's been forever since I have been able to do baptisms so I was excited! I love the temple, it's so peaceful in there and I plan on going quite often when I come home so anyone who wants to join is welcome :)

I hope you have a great week, i love you!

Love, Sister Rogers

The Dunbars!!! Galexi is the one up front, she's a goon. We love them!

 Sister Ellis and I at the Spokane temple

She loves me.

The Dunbars

Our new Jeep!!! We have fun in the mud.

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