Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015

The weeks are flyin! I can't even believe it ha I'm getting a little nervous and starting to feel some butterflies in my stomach. I feel like the Lord is helping me though, to stay focused and to feel motivated to work hard with the time I have left. 

Galexi, one of our investigators, have I told you about her? I don't think I have but if I have you will just have to hear about her again, she's amazing!! We found her through a part-member family, she is the daughter of a returning member who we also love. She is 9 years old and is on date for January 24th. She reminds me of Sadie! I never thought I would have a cute little investigator. I've always wanted one because youth are honestly so wonderful. They are teachable and recognize the Spirit. They want to do what's right. 

Last Sunday we gave Galexi a copy of The Book of Mormon Stories, the one that we read together as a family when I was younger. It has the pictures and everything. We invited her to read it and when we came back she was already half way done and told us she uses it to help her understand the real Book of Mormon! So she is reading both and is soaking it all up like a sponge. She even told us about how Joseph Smith didn't translate the Book of Mormon right away but needed to receive training from an angel until he was ready! We were pretty amazed by her desire to learn and to better herself. She was so excited to tell us about her spiritual experiences that it was difficult to get through our lesson with her and her family. It was a wonderful problem- it made us so happy. I wanted to stay there for hours and keep teaching her.. the Spirit was so strong. Galexi has a special spirit about her. She loves the gospel, it rings true to her and she is progressing so quickly.. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. There are so many great things that come from sharing the gospel. I have come to love teaching the gospel so much. I felt a little twinge of pain the other day thinking about how I won't be able to teach anymore... and then I was quickly reminded that we have visiting and home teaching, callings, testimony meeting, and family home evening. These opportunities to teach others especially our families and to be taught ourselves is a blessing from the Lord. The moments I have felt the closest with my Heavenly Father through out my mission is when I'm teaching one of his children or when I am doing my personal study in the mornings. You have spiritual experiences right at your fingertips, waiting to happen. You just need to make them happen. 

I love you guys so much! I'm thankful for all you do.

 For New Year's Eve we went out to Red Robin for some burgers with Penny and we were allowed to watch a movie from President's approved movie list. We chose the Blindside. I have never been that excited to watch a movie before 

Elder Blu Haws everyone. My Zone Leader. He reminds me of Nate Lambson!

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